5 Benefits from 5 Parks and Recreation Software Users

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Over the past few years, parks and recreation agencies have been squeezed with revenue, staff, and time. To save time and money with fewer resources, P&R agencies are using rec software to run more efficiently and offer better citizen service. Here are five cities that are benefiting in five different ways by implementing recreation software:

1. Cut PCI Compliance Costs

As the Payment Card Industry (PCI) continued to tighten its security measures for merchants, the City of Novato started to look for ways to remain compliant without taking on major expenses. Novato moved its Parks, Recreation and Community Services department onto Active's hosted software solution to save money and time while upholding PCI standards.Read the full City of Novato, CA case study.

2. Reduce In-Person Registrations

Staff members at the City of Surprise's recreation department were swamped with large volumes of registrations through a manual, walk-in only process. They switched to automated recreation software and cut lines of 2,000 people down to 300 (85% decrease) by offering online registration.Read the full City of Surprise, AZ case study.

3. Improve Revenue Collection

The Fort Worth Parks and Community Services Department manages over 200 parks and public spaces around the city. All revenue tracking and collection was done by hand which made for a tedious and risky process. By implementing rec software, Fort Worth integrated all locations into one system that works with their banking and general ledger procedures so they can collect, track, and deposit revenue from each location.Read the full City of Fort Worth, TX case study.

4. Use Affinity Marketing to Increase Revenue

In order to improve its offering and customer service, San Ramon Parks and Community Services decided to implement the "Go Card" as a membership rewards program. Each time a member spends money on a program, rental or more, the software automatically adds points to the card. This program has encouraged participation and increased revenue.Read the full City of San Ramon, CA case study.

5. Enhance Citizen Service

By implementing online registration, the Charleston County Park and Recreation Commission cut back on long lines and 30-minute phone calls. Parents are happier and staff members have more time to focus on bigger bookings like weddings and reunions.Read the full Charleston County, SC case study.

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January 24, 2020
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