The All-New ACTIVE RegOnline Is Live

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The all-new ACTIVE RegOnline is live! Whether you are planning your first event, or you are an expert with several events under your belt, this solution makes it quick and easy to plan, promote and manage any event.The all new ACTIVE RegOnline has a completely redesigned, intuitive user interface and navigation structure that makes it easy set up your event, find a venue, compare RFP responses, send invitations, promote the event, and engage with attendees via a free mobile app. The solution provides access to ACTIVE Network’s global supplier marketplace which includes tens of thousands of hotels and venues worldwide. It includes an electronic RFP wizard that makes it easy to create and submit RFPs. For planners who would like assistance during the process, free specialist support is available.Here’s a picture of the crisp, clean layout of the all new ACTIVE RegOnline. The infographic-based navigation structure allows you to view key event metrics such as number of attendees registered, demographics and the amount of revenue generated in one place.

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We developed the all new ACTIVE RegOnline based upon to feedback from received through a survey we conducted in partnership with iMeet. The survey explored RFP processes used by 190 event planners at SMBs.* Among the findings, 43 percent of survey participants said they use multiple separate tools throughout the event management process—such as email, Excel, and Outlook—which is inefficient and creates room for errors. Additionally, planners who use online sourcing tools said they are able to complete tasks and receive responses to RFPs from hotels, sooner. By using a single technology platform such as ACTIVE RegOnline to manage all aspects of events, planners can spend less time on logistics, and more time creating the best event experience possible.Read the complete survey results on ACTIVE’s website, and click here to open your free ACTIVE RegOnline account, today!* Companies with less than $1 Billion in annual revenue. Source: “Managing the Evolution: Meetings Management for the SMB Organization,” Aberdeen Group, Nov. 2012.

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January 24, 2020
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