Top 10 Ways Your YMCA Should Use Twitter

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Does your YMCA have an active Twitter account? If you do, you understand how it can be a valuable communication tool. But your success on Twitter can go beyond the number of followers, mentions, and clicks. You can use it to get some local press, track what people think about your facilities and much more. Consider using Twitter in these ten different ways and you'll be surprised how much it has to offer:1. Answer questions from members and customers - Encourage people to ask general questions on Twitter rather than over the phone. That way, you can solve common problems like, "Is the pool open today?" in front of a larger audience.2. Offer workout motivation - Tweet consistently about workout motivation and tips. If your local followers like what you have to say, they're more likely to come in and sign up for a class or use the facility.3. Check what people say about you - For this one, you don't have to tweet at all. Check your mentions and search for the names of your facilities/instructors to see what your online reputation looks like. You can use that information to fix issues and build your brand.4. Provide last-minute updates - In a way, Twitter is a personal news engine for people: they know that Twitter has the most up-to-date information. For that reason, you should tweet updates about cancellations, changes to schedules and more.5. Tweet about program registrations - Make sure you announce upcoming camps, classes and more and include the link to online registration.6. Share news - If you received a big donation or are planning to open a new facility, make sure to share that news on Twitter. If it is important to people in your community, you'll see the tweet spread.7. Share membership deals - When planning your membership marketing, make sure to include Twitter. If you have a period where you waive the signup fee, for example, share that with your followers.8. Use Twitter for fundraising - Your fundraising campaigns should also be tweeted. Make sure to include a link directly to the online fundraising page.9. Connect with members of the local press - Follow and tweet at local members of the press. Twitter can be a good introduction point if you want some local coverage of events and news.10. Follow other YMCAs for ideas - One way to learn is to see what other YMCAs are doing on Twitter. So make sure you follow a handful of other YMCAs to see what they are tweeting about.To help you find some great Twitter accounts, we're coming out with a list of Top 70 YMCA Twitter Accounts to Follow (and Imitate) on July 16th. Subscribe to the blog or check back that day to see if you made the list!

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January 24, 2020
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