Top 70 YMCA Twitter Accounts to Follow (and Imitate)

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However you feel about the little Twitter bird, it’s not going away any time soon. Hundreds of millions of users access it everyday for information, and a lot of them could be your members and potential members. They look for news and information that fits their life, and what your YMCA offers should be a part of that mix.

Whether your YMCA has a Twitter account or you’re looking to create one soon, all Y marketers need a few role models. The following 70 North American YMCA accounts are the best and biggest on Twitter. They use Twitter to connect with members, answer questions, make announcements, discuss fitness and health, release registration dates and more. Consider following these accounts to get ideas for your own Twitter strategy. (The list was compiled based on number of followers, content provided, number of tweets, interactions with followers, recent activity and overall use of Twitter to connect with customers. From there, the list was ordered from most followers to least followers.)

Organization, account, Followers

YMCA Calgary @YMCA_Calgary 144382.

YMCA Greater Houston @YMCAHouston 57023.

YMCA Greater Boston @YMCA_Boston 47984.

YMCA of Niagara @YMCANiagara 37495.

YMCA New York City @ymcanyc 37316.

YMCA of Middle Tennessee @YMCAofmiddletn 30697.

YMCA of San Diego @ymcasandiego 27828.

YMCA Durham @DurhamYMCA 27429.

YMCA of Cincinnati @ymcagrcinti 273210.

YMCAs of C & KW @YMCAsofCandKW 258611.

YMCA of Greater Grand Rapids @GRYMCA 250712.

YMCA Pierce & Kitsap @ymcapkc 239613.

YMCA Kansas City @KansasCityYMCA 233814.

Northshore YMCA @NorthshoreYMCA 229115.

YMCA of the Rockies @YMCARockies 225616.

YMCA Metro Washington @ymcadc 213217.

YMCAGTA @YMCAGTA 213218. YMCA Greater Rochester@YMCARochester213119. YMCA of Greensboro@GreensboroYMCA210320. YMCA of the Ozarks@YMCAoftheOzarks202121. YMCA Chapel Hill@CHCYMCA198422. YMCA of Central Ohio@YMCAColumbus198023. Frost Valley YMCA@frostvalley188824. YMCA Simcoe/Muskoka@YMCASM187925. YMCA Chicago@YMCAChicago181926. VOS YMCA@VOSYMCA181527. YMCA of Western Ont@yourYMCAWO170428. YMCA of Edmond@EDMONDYSPORTS166629. YMCA of Regina@YMCA_Regina166430. YMCA of Greater Naples@NaplesYMCA159631. YMCA of Greater Indianapolis@ymcaindy159032. YMCA of Pikes Peak@ppymca158833. YMCA of Columbus@YMCAColumbus153434. First Coast YMCA@FirstCoastYMCA152435. Tampa YMCA@TampaYMCA150536. Downtown Seattle Y@SeattleYMCA150437. YMCA of the Triangle@YMCATriangle146138. YMCA of Edmonton@edmonton_ymca143739. Central Bucks YMCA@CBFYMCA143240. YMCA of the Suncoast@YMCAsuncoast139441. Bridgeport YMCA@BridgeportYMCA137242. YMCA of Muncie@YMCAofMuncie131843. Greater Wichita YMCA@GreaterWichitaY128544. YMCA Stratford_Perth@YMCAstratfordCA128345. Rober Lee YMCA@RobertLeeYMCA127546. Bronx YMCA@BRONXYMCA126447. YMCA of Memphis@YMCAMemphis126048. A.E. Finley YMCA@FinleyYMCA124749. YMCA Dallas@YMCADallas120550. YMCA Greater Miami@ymcamiami113951. Salem Family YMCA@SalemFamilyYMCA112052. Volusia Flagler YMCA@VFYMCA111653. YMCA Central Florida@YCentralFlorida110154. Greenbay YMCA@GreenBayYMCA109655. YMCA of the Twin Cities@YMCATwinCities109156. Eugene YMCA@EugeneYMCA105457. Rye YMCA@RyeYMCA101858. Decatur Family YMCA@DecaturYMCA96559. YMCA of Louisville@YMCALouisville96460. YMCA South Coast@YMCASouthcoast94761. YMCA of Kauai@ymcaofkauai93462. YMCA-YWCA Winnipeg@YWinnipeg92163. YMCA_WhiteRock@YMCA_WhiteRock89064. Chandler YMCA@ChandlerYMCA82165. YMCA San Antonio@ymcasatx82066. Warren County YMCA@CountrysideYMCA80467. Soundview Family YMCA@SoundviewYMCA78668. Princeton YMCA@PrincetonYMCA78269. YMCA of Austin@AustinYMCA72070. YMCA of Metro Detroit@YMCADetroit703

(Number of followers compiled the week of June 24, 2013.)

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January 24, 2020
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