5 Mob Event Trends to Watch in 2013

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If you think Mob events, like zombie chases, mud runs, paint races, and tomato fights were big in 2012, just wait until 2013. ACTIVE’s Mob customers, including The Color Run™ and Spartan Races, saw more than one million participants in 2012 and the numbers are continuing to surge into 2013.As the New Year approaches, below are five important trends to watch.

5. Live Your Comic Book Fantasy

Hurdling obstacles as you run for your life from brain gobbling zombies? Ruckus Sports successfully brought fantasy to reality with its Walking Dead Escape.

4. Act Fast

The Color Run saw its Washington, D.C. event sell out in record time: 2 hours flat. You better register early if you want to get in on the happiest 5K on earth.

3. Experience Less Mud, Less Miles, No Mercy

Alpha Warrior is pure adrenaline. Get out of the gym, stay out of the dirt and challenge yourself to these tough courses. We accepted the challenge, will you?

2. Participate Any Time, Day or Night

Forget the days of waking up at the crack of dawn to participate– events are now held at any hour of the day or night! 10,000+ participants outfitted themselves in glowing neon gear to participate in the inaugural Electric Run, a party-like nighttime 5K, hosted by Carmen Electra.And the top trend for 2013?

1. Trailblazing Technology Can Transform How We Experience Mobs

“We are seeing an increasing demand for technology that allows organizers to easily manage a Mob event, from automating and streamlining their operations to making it easier and more fun for people to get active,” said Eric McCue, general manager of sports at ACTIVE Network. "Organizers are revolutionizing the way we participate in these types of events and we expect to see technology transform these events into 2013."Technology, for example has helped Electric Run operate smarter, provide a better experience and engage more effectively with our participants.Many race organizers have been quick to adopt ACTIVE Network’s activity and participant management software to manage various aspects of Mob events, from online registration and secure payment processing, to social media integration to volunteer recruitment and management. For more information, visit www.ACTIVEendurance.com.

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January 24, 2020
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