What Does a Social Media Buyer Do?

Learn what a social media buyer is and what they can do for your organization.
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When it comes to marketing your organization, the most cost-effective and efficient way to do so is via social media. Nearly everyone has a Facebook, Instagram or TikTok account—and if you aren’t utilizing social media to get the word out about what you offer the community, you are seriously losing out on potential prospects and revenue. 

If you don’t have any experience in ad buying on social media platforms, don’t worry! There are skilled experts, known as social media buyers, who can create and optimize the ads for you. Read on to learn more about what a social media buyer is and how they can help increase your organization’s memberships, registrations and revenue.

What Is a Social Media Buyer?

The job of a social media buyer is ever evolving. Every day looks similar in structure yet different in content. Depending on the buyer’s skills, they could be writing copy for ads to be used on any social media platform, designing or searching for imagery and video to use in the ads, determining the best budget and timeline for the campaign, and creating and segmenting audiences by age, location and interests and drilling down that specific audience to be even more targeted. Once all the necessary pieces are ready to go, the social media buyer then builds the campaign—and they have to have a working knowledge of each social media platform’s ads manager.

What Does a Social Media Buyer Do?

Social media buyers each have multiple campaigns that are either starting, running or launching on any given day. For campaigns that are launching, a good social media buyer makes sure to have ad copy created, ad creative designed, customer audiences and targeting determined and tracking that's good to go. Tracking is necessary so the social media buyer and the company they are creating ads for know where exactly the conversions are coming from and can be directly attributed to the campaign. 

What Happens After a Campaign Is Launched?

Launching a campaign is only the beginning. From there, it’s important to see what people are responding to and optimize the campaign accordingly. Social media buyers look at every metric, from reach and click-thru rate to average cost-per-click and return on ad spend. Over the course of the campaign, the social media buyer will make necessary adjustments and optimizations to ensure the campaign is running smoothly, being seen by the right audience and getting the most out of its budget. Through reviewing metrics, social media buyers are able to see which creative and ad copy are doing the best and push more budget to those high performers. 

What Can Help a Social Media Buyer?

While optimizing campaigns based on analytics is important, the most helpful aspect of building successful search and social media campaigns for clients is to instill a sense of urgency in the copy and creative. For example, say a social media buyer is creating a campaign for a marathon or triathlon. They will need to know if their race client has scheduled price increases or when registration is scheduled to close. Ad copy and creative designed around these deadlines show a bigger increase in conversions than any other tweaks or changes the buyer could make. It is imperative that if you are hiring a social media buyer full-time, working with an agency or utilizing a freelancer, you give them as many details as possible about your organization, current clientele and prospects.

Which Platforms Work Best?

Not all campaigns are created equal. Some make more sense to go on “search” or “display,” via Google, whereas others will do better on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Social media buyers research each client to figure out where ads will do the best and what placements would yield the highest return.

The social media buying field is constantly changing for the better, and as a result, social media buyers get to be creative and analytical all at the same time while managing campaigns and providing clients the results they're looking for—or might not have even expected!

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Briana Ford
Senior Social Media Buyer
February 17, 2020
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