Why Campaigns Fail to Capture Attention on Social Media

Know how your customers are reacting to your messaging and program offerings.
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Gone are the days of having to wait weeks and months to see how a multi-touch direct mail campaign performs. With digital campaigns, you can now know much quicker how your customers are reacting to your messaging and program offerings.

In most cases when a campaign fails to capture attention, it’s because there’s too much information to process and it’s difficult to read or understand. Good campaigns communicate clearly what they need to and no more. Restraint is just as important as adding visually appealing elements.

Are your campaigns performing as well as they could be? Are they building brand awareness? Converting leads? Reaching new customers? Whether a campaign is or isn’t meeting expectations, there’s always the potential to improve it. The challenge, though, is figuring out which tweaks will do so.

Thanks to social networks such as Facebook and Instagram, you can gather real-time customer insights within seconds, and begin using data to optimize your digital and social marketing programs.

It might seem like a huge task, but the good news is ACTIVE’s Digital Marketing team can help you:

  • know how your message resonates with your audience.
  • understand what visuals are going to drive action.
  • know what calls-to-action will drive the highest conversions on social.
  • know the best times to publish on each of the social networks.

Learn more about how ACTIVE can help you with your digital marketing efforts with our recent webinar: https://register.gotowebinar.com/recording/1343588220675247110

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Cristi Chentnik
Senior Product Manager, Consumer Engagement
February 17, 2020
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