8 Ways to Write for More Registrations

Discover how to write content to drive registrations.
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Do you sometimes feel like participants skim over your website or emails, completely missing the registration link? Do you receive too many phone calls asking about program and event information even though everything you've sent out has it all right there? It’s no secret that attention spans are getting shorter, and many people are skimming rather than reading, but there are ways you can present information about your event that are more likely to garner attention. Check out our eight writing tips to ensure your words will be read—and get you more registrations as a result.

Keep It Simple

It can be easy to over-explain—you want to make sure every detail is covered and anyone looking for registration information can find it. But remember that you have about five seconds of attention from your reader before they move on, so write short, concise sentences and only include the most important info. 

Offer More Information on a Different Page

You'll notice on Facebook and Twitter (and sometimes Instagram) that posts are typically short and have a link for more information or the full article. This is how you should write about your programs, classes, camps and events, too. Keep the important details and benefits at the forefront (think who, what, where and when) and offer another page with more detailed information and registration.

Use Verbs & Calls to Action

Marketing research has proven that people are more likely to take action when you use action words. So if you want someone to register for your event, tell them to—and include a great call to action! Make sure to use verbs, too. For example, it is much better to say, “Register now,” than “Registration.” Think about the action verbs that match what you want your audience to do and use them in every call to action.

Add Some Personality

When you write emails or website pages, keep a professional tone but add in some humor and friendliness. You're offering recreation programs, opportunities in the park/community or sharing information about an upcoming fun run or 5K—what you offer is fun, and your writing should reflect that. 

Remember that you only have a few seconds to capture your audiences’ attention, so you need to write in a way that engages readers from the start. A little personality can go a long way, so don’t overdo it—but definitely get creative and have some fun.

Solve a Problem

If you happen to be offering a solution for your community with your classes, programs, events or camps, make sure to include that within the first or second sentence. What about what you're offering benefits your community? For example, say you're adding meditative yoga to your class schedule. Instead of saying you've added those classes, pose it as a solution to a problem. 

“Feeling stressed out and anxious? Enroll today in our meditative yoga classes that are sure to calm the mind and enrich the soul while giving your body the exercise it needs to keep you healthy.”

This poses a problem, a solution and includes an actionable CTA. 

Write About What Makes Your Organization Different

You most likely have competitor organizations in the surrounding areas. When you’re writing content for your website, emails, registration form and other marketing materials, include what’s special about your offerings that make them stand out from your competitiors. How will the reader benefit from your yoga classes the most? What is your biggest differentiator? Once you know what makes you different—and worth registering for—include it in your copy.

Use Eye-Catching Imagery

The old saying is true—a picture is worth a thousand words. Especially considering the popularity of social media like Facebook and Instagram, which are both very image heavy, it’s obvious that people are very visual and respond well to pics that inspire or interest them. Write short, engaging content to inform participants, but support it with images that are of professional quality and relevant to the topic at hand—ones that are sure to grab their attention.

Break up the Text

Today people tend skim more and more to find information that's pertinent to them. If you write long paragraphs without bullet points or headers, you'll lose readers and participants. Keep text short, sweet and to the point, and as mentioned earlier—have a little fun!

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January 24, 2020
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