"Once the ACTIVE emails go out, we see international registrations coming in."

Jason Crowther, Managing Director of Atlas Multisports
ACTIVE boosts international registrations for this destination-worthy Australia marathon
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The 7 Sunshine Coast Marathon (7SCM) has become a must-do event for runners from across Australia and around the globe. The race travels the stunning Sunshine Coast, showcasing Queensland's mild temperatures, picturesque landscape and flat terrain–all the better to yield fast finish times.

Managed by Atlas Multisports, 7SCM has raised more than $1.3M for over 70 charities since 2012. The event attracts thousands of runners of all ages and abilities to its marathon, half marathon, 10K, 5K and 2K.

International Reach

Every race has an imperative to grow. 7SCM set its sights on reaching this goal by attracting international registrants.

“A lot of marketing dollars are spent attracting overseas athletes, but that’s where there is a real return for the local economy,” says Managing Director Jason Crowther. “ACTIVE’s database has helped us get exposure to those international competitors.”

ACTIVE’s international scale has helped them achieve this growth. “Being associated with the biggest and most reliable online registration platform is paramount to us,” he says. Because ACTIVE supports nine languages and six currencies, 7SCM is able to register international participants without hiccups.


Crowther says the 7SCM team has easily incorporated the ACTIVE system.“No one on my team is really tech savvy; we are not programmers. ACTIVE took our old registrations system and rebuilt a new one on ACTIVEWorks®Endurance. It’s been seamless.If we do have a problem, we can call and it’s fixed right away,” he says.

Team Entries

“A big plus for us this year was being able to add our team entries. This has increased our numbers because one person can control it and share it, rather than everyone having to enter individually. The team functionality has really helped our registrations this year.”

Going Forward

“I won’t be leaving ACTIVE anytime soon. It’s secure–we’ve never had a security problem. The marketing we get out of ACTIVE’s databases is excellent. ACTIVE is always trying to get better and that’s important to me,” Crowther says.
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