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Cheryl Gilmore, Director, Acadia Institute of Oceanography
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Acadia Institute of Oceanography (AIO) is a marine science camp located in coastal Maine, near Acadia National Park. Since 1975, AIO has offered a unique, hands-on summer academic program to kids with an interest in marine science.

AIO serves over 200 children from across the United States and through-out the world every summer. Kids explore biological, physical and chemical oceanography with field, classroom, offshore, and laboratory work.

Recession Prompts a Change

During the 2008 recession, AIO Director Sheryl Gilmore saw a sudden drop in registration numbers and began scrambling to increase camp marketing. With little online presence and limited online registration, she endured hours of compiling and mailing paperwork and packets and typing numbers into her database.

She had to run credit cards manually, contacting the bank when there were issues. AIO needed more time, more registrations and more revenue.

Upgrading to An online Solution

Sheryl turned to ACTIVE as AIO’s online solution. She started with Thriva, ACTIVE’s original camp management software and, one year later, upgraded to the modern, mobile-enabled ACTIVEWorks® | Camp & Class Manager. This transition allowed Sheryl to:

Save “huge amounts” of administrative time

During  the year, she no longer had to  mail out packets, collect and  retype information.

Quickly increase registration

With an accessible, easy-to-use online registration process, customers are able to get information and sign-up quickly and with ease.

Organize and streamline

With data collection available in one spot, she can create lists and look up student and class information with no messy paperwork to  shuffle through.

Eliminate headaches
Taking the weight off Sheryl’s shoulders relieved stress and created more time and energy to focus on students and programs—and her own life! Sheryl described the difference after switching to ACTIVE as “almost too good to be true! It’s like having my own personal assistant.”

Upgrade Pays off!

After implementing the new online solution, spots filled faster, numbers became more predictable and profits rolled in. AIO saw:

  • Up to 137% increase in January registrations.
  • Registration capacities are now met annually by April, extending the time available to get supporting resources in place.
  • Full weeks’ worth of time completely freed up that were formerly spent on planning, set-up, and running registration during preparation season.
  • “Time to enjoy my life!” Sheryl recommends upgrading to Camp & Class Manager, describing the process as much easier than with Thriva and stating, “I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t prefer Camp & Class Manager.”
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