"The system has been nothing but flawless."

Mitch Blimkie, Team Rep for Deep River Candu Swim Club
How a swim club found relief from administrative overwhelm
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Based in Eastern Ontario, Deep River Candu Swim Club provides coaching to all levels of athletes, beginning at age 6.

Prior to 2010, Deep River Candu processed 100+ sign-ups manually.“It was all pen and paper,” says team rep Mitch Blimkie. Registration was time-consuming and inconvenient for both participants and administrative volunteers, who had full-time jobs in addition to coaching and helping manage the club.

Hundreds of admin hours saved

More Time in the Pool

Guided by his software background, Mitch began looking for an automated process for registration and fee collection to help make their lives easier and save valuable hours better spent in the pool.

“Deep River Candu Swim Club was the first club in Ottawa Valley to go completely online,” he said. In a small town of 4,000, even larger rec organizations were reluctant to try the technology. But the swim club quickly proved ACTIVE Network’s solution to be an efficient and reliable solution.

On Top with Online Tools

The swim club realized significant improvement in back-office and customer-facing processes:

Automated Registration and Payments
  • Significant reduction in administrative hours
  • Fees can be collected instantly and securely
  • Tracking down missing payments is easy
  • Sign-ups are more convenient for families
Email Communication Tools
  • It’s quick and easy to update swimmers on cancellations or additional practices
  • Automatic payment deadline reminders
  • Contacts are organized
  • Emails look professionalReporting features
  • Clear insight into revenue and registrant numbers
  • Easy to view and email data
  • Easy to provide up-to-date rosters
Automated Registration and Payments

The swim club loves having a personal account manager who connects them to the technical team, as well as getting the answers they need from a person, not a machine.

A Solution Worth Talking About

Deep River Candu Swim Club presented their successes at the area’s annual general meeting.“People were intrigued by how much we could accomplish as a small club,”Mitch says.

“The system has been nothing but flawless.” "ACTIVE's support is great: it's very personal."

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