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“The more consistent your program is the more beneficial ACTIVENet Connect is. The experience is just amazing! It cuts down on an immense amount of paperwork.” 

Josh Stewart, Site Support Coordinator
ACTIVENet Connect makes it easy for parks & rec departments to run programs.
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Located in the northern portion of the Sacramento River Valley near the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Chico Area Recreation and Park District (CARD) provides quality recreational programs to people of all ages in the greater Chico area. From tiny tot programs for small children to evening dances for mature adults, CARD has an active recreation program for everyone! With 22 after school programs to serve residents Monday through Friday, streamlining their operations was a must. 

To keep up with this demand, CARD turned to ACTIVENet Connect, ACTIVE’s iOS mobile app that integrates with ACTIVENet for the attendance feature. This mobile companion improves processes and puts important information right at your fingertips allowing organizations to stay on the go and involved in the community with decreased wait times --giving staff more opportunities to connect with participants. 

CARD also provides a flexible solution for customers regarding their after-school programs. One way ACTIVENet Connect assists in boosting customer satisfaction is by allowing late participants to register immediately before the program begins.

Favorite Feature

Jordan Leonard, After-School Program Enrollment Coordinator says, “We love the attendance tracking feature and having those records on-hand at the click of a button.” Another favorite feature of CARD's is the capability of adding images to each child’s profile. The pictures of the children assist with name recognition and security. This makes it very easy to prove that children have been registered and paid for while also providing parents peace of mind with the added layer of security. 

Transition & Time Savings

CARD transitioned a few programs at a time, emailing pertinent information to customers. Because the ACTIVENet Connect app is very intuitive and easy to learn, minimal training is needed for staff members. The ease of the application, the feedback from customers and staff members has been very positive. Stephanie Pyle, Recreation Supervisor, says “The transition was seamless.” 

Prior to using ACTIVENet Connect, CARD used FlexReg when signing children in and out. Now, the rosters are available instantly on the app. Jordan states, We are lucky to have run the programs in FlexReg to help make the program setup tremendously helpful.” Connect allows you to just pick up your tablet and ditch the long lines and manual processes.

Overall, going mobile through the app has saved CARD up to 15 hours a week--over 800 hours total. This additional time empowers staff members to better serve their community.

Words of Wisdom

Operating various programs from one central location creates bottlenecks and restricts your ability to manage your programs efficiently. Your staff needs a way to access core functionality from anywhere in the facility. Josh Stewart, Site Support Coordinator, tells us, “The more consistent your program is the more beneficial ACTIVENet Connect is. The experience is just amazing! It cuts down on an immense amount of paperwork.” 

What’s Next

ACTIVENet Connect has helped CARD build trust within their community and create efficient workflows. CARD has been using this for their after-school programs and continue to use the app as much as possible.

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