“I think you all do a really good job and I appreciate everything that you’ve done to help us out.”

Peter Demyanovich, Coastal Camp Director, NatureBridge
ACTIVE Works® Camp & Class Manager solves business blues for a California camp and makes masterful marketing a breeze
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Founded in 1971, NatureBridge provides hands-on environmental science programs for children and teens. The organization operates five campuses in naturally breathtaking locations, each with the goal of fostering a love of nature and cultivating a greater understanding and appreciation of the environment in future generations.

Transformative Experience

Peter Demyanovich, Coastal Camp Director, is a nine-year NatureBridge veteran. His summer day camp, set among the crystal clear waters, rich forests and picturesque trails of Marin County, California, hosts campers from five to 14 years old. “It’s a transformative experience for many of the kids we serve,” he says of the time they spend at Coastal Camp.

Problem-Solving Partner

NatureBridge had been happily using an ACTIVE Network legacy product for years, and when the time came to upgrade to a new online registration and program management system, they chose ACTIVE Works® Camp & Class Manager.

In addition to its user-friendly features and interface, NatureBridge looked to Camp & Class Manager to address several specific business issues:

  • Payment Processing
  • Financial Reporting
  • Session Scheduling
  • Paperless Procedure

Peter relied on his ACTIVE Network team to help facilitate a smooth transition. “When we first went over to Camp & Class Manager, I worked with implementation services and the ACTIVE analysts to get everything just right in the system,” he says. The result was a seamless switch that started solving the camp’s challenges almost from day one.

Camp & Class Manager simplified NatureBridge’s financial procedures by allowing Peter and his staff to quickly identify outstanding payments. “During the flurry of registration activity, when you’re trying to get campers into certain sessions, you might not remember to process a payment,” he says. His new system makes it easy to find that information. The pre-created reports in Camp & Class Manager help manage daily operations, as well. Staffers can access up-to-date registration numbers, including how many spaces are available in any given week, plus additional details such as how many children are taking bus transportation. “That built-in functionality is really nice,” Peter says. “I use it every single day.”

The new tool also helps NatureBridge cut back on paper forms and improve customer service, thanks to better organization and preparedness.

“We’re able to digitally manage all the daily changes when camp is in session,” Peter adds. “It’s not on a paper form somewhere.”

Masterful Marketing

Next, NatureBridge maximized its ACTIVE Network connection to the fullest by enlisting the expertise of Digital Marketing Consultant, Camarin Wanamaker. Taking advantage of this key service addressed several pressing marketing questions for the camp:

  • How to Optimize for Web
  • Where to Spend Marketing Dollars
  • How to Identify Trends
  • Tracking Return on Investment

With Camarin’s help, Coastal Camp was able to craft their website content in a more thoughtful and targeted way through web traffic analysis and additional insight tools. She touches base with NatureBridge frequently to track results and gain feedback on marketing initiatives.

“The takeaways from Camarin in our meetings really helped drive more volume to our website and helped with our registrations, as well,” Peter says.“We're selling at a historic rate this summer.”
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