“ACTIVE has been an instrumental component to the success of our camps and clinics here at the University of Notre Dame. Our success would not be where it's at without their entire organization."

Jordan Haitsma, Camps and Clinics Director
Notre Dame’s elite camps and clinics meet their match with ACTIVE
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It’s an honor to be a camper at one of the University of Notre Dame’s youth sports camps. The Department of Athletics offers a robust camps program for multiple sports.

Young campers have the opportunity to fine-tune their skills within some of the finest athletic complexes in the country and with some of the most elite trainers. Unfortunately, camp operations management for a large volume of varsity camps and clinics wasn’t in quite the same league.

A Game-Changer

Managing a large volume of enrollments across multiple camps and clinics was the staff's most pressing priority. ACTIVEWorks® | Camp & Class Manager tackled that operational need.

The two top game-changers with ACTIVE include:

  • Significant increase in operational efficiency
  • Successful management of large quantities of data for multiple sports, camps and clinics.

It was clear right away that Notre Dame Athletics had met their match with ACTIVE.

Big Wins

When operations improve, so does everything else. Notre Dame has seen great improvements in many areas of their camps business.

Positive Feedback

Campers and their families have high expectations for communication and customer service in an elite program. Spending less time on administration has allowed the Athletics Department to focus on campers and, according to customer feedback, it shows. It matters to staff, too. Staff spends more time on growing programs and delivering elite training to their campers.

Customizable Systems

Creating a management system that is customizable was a priority for Notre Dame. The flexibility of ACTIVE software made it a great fit

  • Custom reporting filters to gain better visibility into specific aspects of camp operations
  • Customized system access rights and privileges to different users, protecting data and helping staff maximize their efforts
“Our success would not be where it's at without their entire organization.” - Jordan Haitsma, Camps & Clinics Director

A Greater Reach

With time saved on operations, customer service and data management, the Department of Athletics is now able to concentrate on marketing and growing  enrollments and, therefore, expanding camp opportunities.

A Solution for the future

Only great things are in store for ACTIVE and Notre Dame Athletics. An elite program deserves the very best in camps management. Luckily, both Notre Dame and ACTIVE are committed to being the best in their field, and that makes a winning partnership.

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