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“The creation of this digital form is one of the most positive and successful experiences we have had.”

Brooke Williams, Director of Athletic Compliance, University of Southern California
With the help of JumpForward, USC Athletics streamlined the official and unofficial check-in process.
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The University of Southern California is the oldest private research university in Los Angeles. Founded in 1880, USC has a proud athletic heritage—and with good reason. The men's and women’s teams have combined to earn an impressive 134 national team titles. Trojan men’s teams top the nation in NCAA championships with 86, which is more than any other university, while the women have a still-impressive 36. Plus, the men have brought in 98 individual titles since 1976.

A long tradition of nurturing successful Olympic athletes, USC has more Olympians, medalists, and gold medalists than any other school.  Since 1904, 453 Trojan athletes have competed at the Olympic or Winter Olympics, taking home 144 gold medals (with at least one gold in every summer Games from 1912), 92 silver, and 71 bronze.

In alignment with the mission and purpose of the university, USC Athletics is selflessly committed to serving and empowering student-athletes by providing support, resources, and an environment for their students.  

Recruiting is a huge part of any athletic program to ensure its success for years to come. It involves more than simply watching highlight film and visiting potential student-athletes—recruiting is a strategic process that helps ensure the right prospects are being recruited to continue the university’s tradition of excellence—an official or unofficial visit is a perfect chance to impress recruits and give them a sense of the culture of the team and of the university.  

The Challenge

With over 100 visiting recruits on an event day, it became imperative for USC Athletics to process the recruits in an efficient manner. It was looking for a way to enhance and accelerate the entire check-in process while accessing and compiling data accurately. USC Athletics was also searching for a simpler process that didn’t require extensive knowledge and that could be handed off to junior staff members.

The Solution

JumpForward proposed that USC Athletics use the combination of the JumpForward mobile apps and Digital Forms & Workflow to tackle the challenge. It first digitalized its Prospective Student-Athlete (PSA) unofficial visit intake form. Forms and Workflows are later assigned to the staff members working at the check-in desk. This creative usage essentially turned the JumpForward app into a check-in kiosk.

“The creation of this digital form is one of the most positive and successful experiences we have had. It’s revolutionary in terms of enhancing our compliance monitoring programming as it pertains to recruiting," says Brooke Williams, director of athletic compliance at USC.

The Outcome

Avoid the mess and go paperless at the check-in table. JumpForward’s Digital Forms & Workflows offers functions such as information pre-fill, formula fields, conditional display, and more! To save time, the creation of USC’s PSA form is prefilled with a majority of the recruit’s profile information, and any changes a recruit makes to their forms are synced back to their corresponding JumpForward profile.

All workflow assignments are under the staff’s form inbox, allowing them to search for the recruit in line. With just one click to open the form, the staff member hands over the device for the recruit to fill in the remaining information. Forms are also optimized for the specific device being used.

After a recruit has completed the check-in process, the form enters the next step of the preconfigured workflow. This allows the onsite staff members to move to the next recruit, letting the compliance officers review the forms at a later time.

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