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"We like that ACTIVE is in this with us. When we do better, ACTIVE does better."

How partnership with ACTIVE strengthens YMCA community goals
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For more than 130 years, YMCA of Metropolitan Los Angeles has been serving members across 100 miles of LA County. With a focus on strengthening community, they work hard to ensure that everyone, regardless of age, income or background, has the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive.

Outgrowing a Proprietary System

The Los Angeles Y had been managing their 135,000+ membership and more than 1,000 staff members with a custom-built recreation management system. Staff training had become tedious, updates were expensive, and maintenance wasn’t included, driving costs and inconvenience up–for staff and members.

Enhancing Usability

The YMCA needed a solution that would improve usability for customers and staff while scaling with the needs of the organization.

They chose cloud-based recreation management software ACTIVE Net because it has the capacity to meet the Y’s priorities to enhance the member experience, save staff time and increase access to programs:

  • Online access to activities and mobile services
  • 360-degree view of members
  • Increased participation via integrated communication tools
  • Engaged members via integrated social media tools
  • Reduced time and costs associated with maintenance of a custom, client-hosted application

An ACTIVE Partnership

The Los Angeles Y found value in a total package that included the modules they needed without the burdens of add-on costs, system maintenance or updates.

According to one team member, “We chose ACTIVE Net as we believe this solution will improve the in-facility experience for our staff and greatly enhance the way our members experience us beyond the four walls of our facility.”

“Engaging the community outside of our facilities is a true game-changing approach to the way we deliver operations today. It makes sense to choose a partner with the tools, experience and commitment to help us get there.”

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