2.62 Miles to Boston–United, We Are ACTIVE

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Hundreds of ACTIVE employees in San Diego, Shanghai, Saratoga Springs, Bothell, Burnaby, Philadelphia and a half-dozen other ACTIVE offices around the world stepped out today to show their support for Boston, our race directors and the entire running community.

We ran, we walked, we cheered on our colleagues as we completed 2.62 miles for the runners that didn’t have the chance.

Our own Mike Rouse, director of strategic events, completed his 254th marathon when he crossed the finish line at the Boston Marathon earlier this week. We chatted with him this morning around how this week’s events have affected the running community and his plans for 2014.

“We are runners and we are strong,” Rouse told us. “As the oldest, most prestigious running event in the world, the Boston Marathon is on every seasoned marathoner’s bucket list. The running community feels like this is OUR event, OUR heritage and we won’t be defeated. ACTIVE employees completed 2.62 miles today to show the world that no one can stop us from being active. I bet that Boston will have four times as many entries next year. I just ran 3:39 at Boston and have qualified for next year. Like many runners, I can’t wait to register in September. 2014 Boston will be the best yet.”

All of us at ACTIVE are proud to be part of this strong, resilient endurance community. United, we are ACTIVE.

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San Diego office

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January 24, 2020
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