21 Places to Put Your Registration Link for More Signups

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Each year brings adjusted goals, new ideas, resolutions, and a fresh start for your marketing. If somewhere in your goal set exists "increasing participation" or "getting more online registrations," you may be looking for some new ideas. The first step in that process is to increase traffic to your website. For that reason, this blog post focuses on some quick fixes to help you increase the visibility of your online registration website. Consider placing your online registration link in these 21 places:

  1. On your website's homepage
  2. In your Twitter profile
  3. In the "About Us" section of your Facebook page
  4. As a call to action in your blog posts - read more
  5. On your Google+ profile
  6. As a link button on your Foursquare profile - read more
  7. In images that you pin or encourage people to pin (Pinterest) - read more
  8. On your Pinterest profile
  9. Directly in social media posts
  10. Through your local Patch.com news site
  11. In Yelp pages for specific gyms, parks, and rec facilities
  12. On your organization's YouTube channel
  13. As links in your YouTube videos
  14. On your custom error page - read more
  15. Feature on the mobile version of your website
  16. On partners' websites - read more
  17. In press releases (online and offline)
  18. In staff members' email signatures
  19. As a QR code at your front desk - read more
  20. In your online recreation guide as a clickable link - read more
  21. In your distributed program guide with directions

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Make sure your registration link is in all the same places as your online and offline marketing materials. Through Yelp, YouTube, Pinterest, Foursquare, error pages, and more, you have new opportunities to increase online registrations at your organization. Good luck!

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January 24, 2020
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