4 Tips to Run a Successful Before and After School Program

Do you have everything you need for your program to be successful this school year?
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Summer is quickly coming to a close, which means parents are shifting their focus back to school and what to do with their children before and after school. Now that many districts are reopening to full capacity across the country and some parents are returning to the office, the need for before and after school programs is rising. Do you have everything you need for your program to be successful this school year? Check out our four tips to help you run a thriving before and after school program.

1. Make Registration a Breeze

To ensure your before and after school program is a success, you need an easy registration process. Parents are on the go and focused on so much more than ever before, so making it easy for them to register their kids for your programs is a priority. What better way to do so than to offer parents the ability to register their children right from their smart devices?

Give them the freedom to securely access your programs, activities and more from anywhere, anytime. The easier the process is for families, the easier it will be to fill up your programs! And adding a social sharing button to your registration page will encourage parents to share your program information as well, garnering more attention and possibly more participants. 

2. Communicate Effectively 

When it comes to running before and after school programs, communication is key. Parents have a lot going on, so sharing relevant information about what’s happening in your programs is incredibly important. 

The best thing you can do to remain top-of-mind is contact parents via email and text. Make sure to create highly targeted lists or segments based on your customer demographics and activity history—you don’t want to send emails about a particular program or activity to the wrong parents or prospects. 

Remember, sometimes over-communicating is best—especially with busy parents. Because of this, reach them where they already are: their smartphones!

3. Access Pertinent Information With Ease

Being able to pull up and review participant data, such as what each child is allergic to, their medical information, their drop-off and pickup information and enrollment information, without having to be behind a desk or computer makes everything more streamlined for your staff. 

Having all you need right in the palm of your hand makes running a before and after school program easy. Instead of having to be chained to a desk to manage your programs, you can focus on what’s most important: your participants. Imagine the freedom you’ll have to be able to walk around your facility and have access to everything you need, from participant data to class schedules, right on your smart device!

4. Review Reports and Analytics

Improve your before and after school programs with informative and helpful reports and analytics. Make informed data-driven decisions by reviewing insights to determine what pivots and optimizations you need to make with your offerings. You can get granular or see the full view of how your programs are doing to make adjustments as necessary. 

ACTIVENet Makes Running Before and After School Programs Easy

Save time and focus more on your before and after school programs with a premier management solution that will set your organization up for success. ACTIVENet has everything you need to run your programs with ease! Streamline operations, engage parents and manage program participation with our all-in-one solution. Connect with us today to see how ACTIVENet can take your organization to the next level. 

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Jessica Harp
Marketing Specialist, B2B
August 9, 2021
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