5 Benefits of Private Lessons for Your Community

It’s an excellent time to look into the benefits of private lessons and how you can easily offer them to your community.
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With most of the world returning back to a new kind of normal post-pandemic, it’s likely your organization has as well. Your programs are open to the public with safety protocols in place, and group classes and camps of all sorts have begun to fill up. You are doing your best to meet the needs of your community. However, what if there are members who would feel safer if private instruction was offered? Or people who would just rather avoid group classes altogether for one reason or another? 

If your organization doesn’t offer private instruction, it’s an excellent time to look into the benefits of it and how you can easily offer it to those in need.

Removes Overstimulation & Distractions

In a group setting, participants are often interrupted by other attendees, which can considerably affect their ability to pay attention and grasp the concepts being taught. By removing distractions and overstimulation that arise within a group setting participants can turn their focus and attention on the instructor, which can lead to better performance overall.

Not Hindered by Group Abilities

Depending on what a participant’s abilities are, private lessons can be incredibly beneficial. One-on-one instruction can move at the needed pace as opposed to at the pace of the group, which oftentimes can be quite fast. Instead, the participant can move as slowly or as quickly as they need to fully grasp the concept being taught. Instruction can be as hands-on or as independent as needed, which in turn gives them the ability to feel more comfortable instead of having to worry about what everyone else may be thinking.

Oftentimes people can become quite intimidated if they are attending a group class where participants seem to be more advanced than they are on the topic being taught. Conversely, they could be more advanced than those within the class, which can lead to them feeling bored. One-on-one lessons can solve that problem by letting the participant set the pace for the session instead of the other way around.

Low Stress

Group classes can be quite intimidating and even stressful if a participant is either below or above the level in which the class is being taught. Some might even just have a higher level of anxiety when it comes to being in large groups in general. A private session can help lessen the stress that comes with being around a lot of people and relieve the pressure to perform at a certain level. Instead, the participant can move at their own pace and understand concepts on their terms and in a safe space.

Individual Attention

Unlike group classes, one-on-one sessions give the instructor the ability to give personalized attention the participant, which in turn helps the participant thrive. It’s through this individual attention that the participant can have high-quality interactions where they can ask questions they might not be comfortable asking in a group setting. Instead of allowing others to drive the conversation, private lessons give participants the freedom ability to drive it themselves, and the instructor can observe and adjust the lesson as necessary, as well as give the participant their undivided attention. 

Instruction Based on Learning Style

In a group session, an instructor is unable to tailor their lesson to everyone’s preferred learning style, which can leave some participants struggling to keep up. In a private lesson the instructor is able to gauge what the participant needs to learn and then adapt as necessary, giving the participant a session that is tailored to their needs. 

ACTIVE Can Help With One-On-One Booking

Private lessons and one-on-one offerings are on the rise! Does your camp and class management platform make it easy to set up listings, automate availability management and take bookings for private sessions all in one place? New from Camp and Class Manager, ACTIVE Reserve makes booking one-on-one lessons a breeze with its easy-to-use, mobile friendly private scheduling solution. Contact us today to see how ACTIVE Reserve can help with one-on-one booking for your organization.

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Jessica Harp
Marketing Specialist, B2B
June 1, 2021
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