5 New and Unique Adult Programs to Offer

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Most parks and recreation departments offer the same adult classes – yoga, bridge, photography, creative writing, dog training, blah blah blah. These are great to have because they are popular, but isn’t time to stand out and offer truly unique classes as well?In every city there are possible contract instructors looking for opportunities to teach others, whether they know it or not. Sometimes they find you and other times you have to look for them. However, you can’t look for contract instructors until you know what programs you want to offer. Here are 5 unique programs I’m fairly sure you’re not offering but, depending on your clientele, could be crowd-pleasers:

How to Create Smartphone Apps

People don’t have to know C++ or any other coding language. There are many ways to get your smartphone app developed. Find an instructor who can assist your residents in fleshing out their ideas and offer ways to develop the apps.

Intro to Fortune Telling

Most people know their astrological sign but do they know numerology, how to read tea leaves or runes, or have had their Tarot read? Bring in an instructor who can teach the basics of charting and reading the various fortune-telling mediums.

Speed Dating

This is more of an event then a program, but speed dating is making a comeback. Recently the San Francisco library began offering speed dating events. The first one they offered sold out immediately. They knew at that time they had something.

Filmmaking Using Your Smartphone

With the right editing you can create an entertaining short movie with just your smartphone’s video recorder. There are tools and apps that can help. Here’s a video made entirely with an iPhone 3GS, for example.

Beyond Zumba

Many recreation departments offer Zumba classes, but did you know there are Zumba for Kids classes and Zumba Gold for seniors? There is even Zumba Gold chair routines for seniors with limited mobility. Find an instructor and offer a variety of Zumba classes.This is the first of two guest blog posts from Curt “Moose” Jackson. Curt is a community recreation and summer camp professional who is passionate about creating and improving programs and camps. He offers many of his ideas and thoughts on his blogs RecreationGuy.com and SummerCampProgramDirector.com.

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January 24, 2020
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