8 Examples of Great Content for Your Camp’s Instagram Feed

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According to Hootsuite, a social media management platform, 60% of Instagram users discover products via Instagram and three-quarters of them go on to take action (visit a website, make a purchase, signup for a newsletter, etc.). And while a summer or sports camp isn’t exactly a physical product, curating a vibrant social media presence should be an essential part of your marketing plan. In addition to attracting new followers (and potential customers), posting the right kind of content helps engage current campers and their families. Ready to get started? Here are eight Instagram posts you need to add to your feed ASAP.

Videos Showing Your Camp’s Vibe

If you’ve ever attended summer camp, you’re likely nostalgic for crackling campfires, capture the flag races and that first jump into the lake. Encourage parents and alums to reminisce using short videos of classic camp activities. Take a fun Boomerang of your campers hopping off the dock or film a time-lapse of a rainy afternoon craft. Help make parents and potential campers feel like they are really there.

Camper Spotlights

Giving a specific camper a little extra attention can show off your organization’s culture. Ask about their favorite activities or best memories and be sure to include plenty of images. But don’t forget to get the photo release form signed first.

User-Generated Content

A popular trend on school or camp Instagram accounts is a “take over.” For an entire day, a counselor or older camper takes control of the account and shares their day-to-day activities and behind-the-scenes moments. This is also a great way to utilize Instagram Stories. If you’re not ready to hand over the reins to the entire account, ask parents or campers to share their photos with you for re-posting.

8 Examples of Great Content for Your Camp’s Instagram Feed
Allowing older campers or counselors to "take over" your Instagram account is a great way to generate content and show off what a day in the life of a camper is like.

Throwback Thursday Posts

Feature a photo from years gone by and invite campers to comment on it. For example, post a photo from the 2010 all-camp Olympics or that memorable 2014 rafting trip. Ask campers to tag themselves or anyone they know. Engagement will lead to a better ranking for your post, meaning more people will see it.

Behind the Scenes Shots

Post photos of empty bunks waiting for campers the night before the program begins, or use Instagram Stories to document what campers are eating for breakfast, lunch and dinner (don’t forget the fireside s’mores!).

Announcements and Updates

While text-only images aren’t quite as exciting as a video of rock climbing, they can serve an important purpose, especially in the offseason. Use Instagram to remind followers about registration deadlines, packing must-haves or capital improvements. If you’re not into strictly text posts, create a simple graphic with the important words, using a free platform like Canva.


Everyone loves a good meme, right? Beyond a laugh, they can foster a sense of community, and they’re often re-posted, which can help you reach a wider audience!Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms (and a favorite among teens and millennials). If you effectively manage your account, it’s a great, relatively low-cost way to market your camp. So go ahead and get posting!

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January 24, 2020
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