A Letter From Our Data Privacy Office

ACTIVE Network's Data Privacy Office discusses data privacy at ACTIVE.
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Our digital economy is growing at an astonishing rate. The internet has changed the way we interact, create and share information, and has become fundamental to how we manage our day to day lives. We rely on the web to manage our kids’ camps, soccer memberships, doctor’s appointments and school updates in between online meetings, emails and even grocery shopping. The web has made us into masters of multitasking. Everyday as more services become available to help manage our busy schedules, more and more data about our lives, our activities, our work and our families are stored in countless web services across the globe. Regardless, we own our data. It's part of our digital persona and while we want the convenience of the internet, we expect the utmost privacy online as well.  

Privacy is paramount to ACTIVE and the role of ACTIVE’S Data Privacy Office is to strategize about how we can use data to bring relevance and meaningful experiences to all who use our services, but also to ensure that we are doing so in a manner that respects the privacy of our users with NO exceptions.  

Over the past few years, we've made a significant investment in our Global Privacy Program. We have a comprehensive roadmap and dedicated staff to ensure that all of our services adhere to the highest of standards. We are excited to offer our new Privacy Control Center so that our users can control all aspects of the ACTIVE experience. For 20 years we have been making the world a more ACTIVE place, and now the ACTIVE family is committed to working together with you to make the next 20 even better.

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March 16, 2020
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