ACTIVE Trend Report: Increased Millennial Interest in Camping is Driving Opportunity for Outdoors Industry Innovation

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With Millennials having become the largest living generation in the US, it’s no surprise that this demographic is poised to significantly impact the growth or decline of various industries. Take the outdoors industry. While camping has long been a favored pastime for both families and groups of friends, an assessment of ACTIVE data collected and measured over the past 90 days suggests that more and more Millennials are now searching for available campground reservations.

Similar to this past summer’s CBS This Morning story, which reported that nearly half of 2015’s first-time campers were Millennials between ages 18-35, ACTIVE’s data suggest that adults ages 21-39 represented nearly half (46%) of visitors to, one of the most popular sites for searching and booking campground reservations. At the same time, Millennials are showing unprecedented levels of smartphone usage, as they use their smartphones to research, learn, shop, entertain themselves and now plan a camping trip as part of an online group.

ACTIVE built its new Moonlight App to deliver the features and functionality that Millennial campers want and need to plan a campout with friends and family. The app serves as a centralized place online where people can research and discover camping-related activities and needs, translate their meals and activity picks into a schedule, import their campground reservation, build itineraries and lists, and even share messages, photos and other details with friends and family who are also part of the trip. Campers can also access their trip details and favorite content without a WiFi or cellular connection.

Demographic data such as this can be interesting, yes, but more importantly, it can provide insights for driving innovation and opportunity for both businesses and the customers they serve.

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January 24, 2020
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