ACTIVENet's New Facility Management Module

Simplify scheduling, increase facility utilization and eliminate double-bookings.
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You’re probably wondering, why did ACTIVENet release the new Facility Management Module?  The goal is to make ACTIVENet more intuitive and user-friendly.

In fact, a lot of ACTIVENet users have already migrated to the new Facility Management Module and are very pleased. They’ve expressed that they like the clean look of how permits are displayed.

“It is quicker to navigate a booking change,” says Coco Garcia, Activities Center Manager at City of Mansfield. “Before, if you were going to make a change you just had to know what you were doing and where to go. With this, it just walks you through the process. It is far simpler.”

This has resulted in ACTIVENet users seeing fewer booking errors than before the new module.

How does the migration process work? One way doesn’t fit all, but many customers have hosted internal trainings and created PowerPoints for their teams. Most of our clients actually find it easier to train new staff on Facility Management as opposed to Resource Scheduler.  Along with any change, there may be pushback from your team but we’re here to help!

To highlight improvements from Resource Scheduler, we’ve outlined a few points about the new Facility module below.

  • Improved calendar view with real-time drag & drop scheduling
  • No longer create reservations when you just check availability which means less pending receipts
  • Avoid double-booking by viewing permits in the new and legacy module calendar
  • Flexible attributes at the Resource level
  • Flexible fee structure at the booking level
  • Redesigned payment plans–simplified setup & modification
  • Advance booking features including overnight booking & conflict resolution
  • Customize permit headers/footers and create pdf forms

As for our advice on when to make the switch? The sooner the better! You will find it’s a more modern look and feel so once you start to explore the new module, it should be a pretty seamless transition.

“It’s easier to approve rentals as you navigate the process,” Garcia says. “It’s just more intuitive and easier to find what you need.”

If you have any additional questions, feel free to reach out to your dedicated Account Manager and make sure to ask them for a recording of our most recent facility webinar.

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January 24, 2020
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