ACTIVEWorks Endurance Release Notes - April 2022

Check out the April release notes for ACTIVEWorks Endurance.
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You asked, we listened, we built and we’re not slowing down. Check out all the small things that save you time!

Life is starting to feel a little more normal with the recovery gathering speed in the Endurance sector. It sadly lacks the bounce made in adjacent industries but the signs of the last 60 days are promising, especially when looking at individual events or organizers. Of course, certain regions of the world are still in significant restrictive situations.

The 18 months of product development releases focused on enabling our customers to do more with less whilst reacting to operational management needs in as near real-time as was possible. Today many clients have new team members and so it's important to make the existing features and platform as user-friendly and intuitive as possible whilst enabling you to manage your participants and grow revenue. 

Thank you for your continued submission of enhancement requests via the platform; these regularly reviewed as a team to ensure the needs are understood and can be cross-compared with verbal feedback heard from other clients. If you receive release note emails, please bookmark the release notes webpage. 

Updates and Upgrades

There have been countless major upgrades and updates to the usability of ACTIVEWorks Endurance this last 12 months and many of these are in response to your feedback, so thank you! 

Below are features to learn more about in the release notes:

  • Race Pass operates more like a registration/ticket in terms of flexibility. Manage discounts, editing of owners, refunding, adjusting number of uses and reporting with ease. 

  • Refunds, cancellations and transfers can be entirely controlled and personalized at the SKU/item level, allowing you to determine exactly what to refund from an original transaction, or charge for a transfer.
  • Refund any registration amount by applying a credit balance to your participant’s account, report on it and refund it to cash further down the line if you wish. This enables you to protect your cash whilst being a little more flexible on a no-refund policy.
  • Participant History at a glance is imperative given all the deferrals, transfers cancellations and changes. Over the last two years they might have deferred, transferred, cancelled numerous registrations. View that journey in a redesigned the People > individual record page with added data, labels including Reg ID and Order ID link. More coming next month.

  • Event-to-event transfers was overhauled in 2021 allowing registrants to self-transfer with full data history and merchandise from event a to b with full reporting.  You can also manually transfer anyone with complete control no matter the pricing configuration between events, specify what price you want to charge for each item on the destination event, i.e. transfer at zero cost to the participant no matter how complex their purchase has been and the price settings of the destination event.

Releases and Fixes

A strategy of marginal gains has been adopted in which small and continuous improvements create major impacts to customers when added up. It's like training for a marathon or that full distance triathlon. There are some massive new product releases coming in the second half of this year that will nurture revenue generation and reduce marketing costs; there are lots of more recent small releases/fixes that might help you today if you missed them:

  • Copy a custom report from one event to another with a simple click and save yourself 10-15 minutes.

  • Payment plans/installment payments: participants can self-update their payment details from MyEvents if their card fails or has changed.
  • Revenue Report has new columns and data including pulling in the custom fee labels.
  • Volume based pricing has a ‘new skip a tier’ feature to enable you to change your rules even after they have gone live. For example, imagine you want to pause your VBP rules for Global Running Day--now you can in a few clicks.
  • Document management now has 100% customizable refusal reason options and capability to handle newer image/file types from iOS and Android (HEIC/HEIF).
  • Single sign-on is live and being used by a select few. If this is important to your brand reach out to your account manager.
  • Updated email flow where waivers are sent to legal guardians/parents post registration. New verbiage and specificity aims to reduce confusion and eliminate those customer service queries teams when you have minors/children in your event (another great recommendation from our clients' feedback).

Please keep the enhancement requests flowing, they help so much to understand what is important and impactful. Expect  ongoing small but impactful releases in Reporting, APIs, updates to the registration platform, database/CRM and integrated communications.    

Toby has been with ACTIVE for almost a decade having joined in 2012 in the Singapore office before moving to the manage the international (ex North America) business from London through 2018 when he moved to Dallas to lead ACTIVE’s global Endurance and IPICO business. Feel free to reach out to him at

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Toby Green
VP Endurance and Sports
April 22, 2022
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