California Department of Fish and Wildlife Successfully Deploys Licensing System Powered by ACTIVE

California recently celebrated the completion of one of its largest projects to date—the transition to an automated licensing system powered by ACTIVE Network.The project was dubbed “Automated License Data System” (ALDS), and ACTIVE was tapped to design, develop and implement the technology. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife told their story during the Commissioner’s State Meeting, which aired via Webcast on Cal-Span in February, and we’re excited to share a recap of what was presented.A key goal for ALDS was to effectively gather data in order to better inform decisions for their department and resources by changing the delivery of services to the public, to licensing agencies, and the department's own staff through an online platform. Since the first phase launched in 2011, the CA Dept. Fish & Wildlife has:

  • Processed 14 million-plus transactions
  • Generated $280 million in revenue
  • Trained more than 500 users within the department
  • Received recognition for “Best Application Serving the Public” by the Center for Digital Government
ACTIVE Network Outdoors

The most recent and final phase of the ALDS project now allows the public to submit harvest reports online, participate in fundraising, and access subscriptions to CA Outdoor–all features that are expected to drive additional revenue for the CA Dept. of Fish and Wildlife. Their team is now moving into operations mode to maintain the system and continue to serve the public. In 2014, they expect to:

  • Serve 2 million-plus people
  • Process 5 million-plus transactions
  • Generate $90 million-plus in revenue

According to the CA Dept. of Fish and Wildlife, the system is unmatched when it comes to its size, scope, complexity and scalability. We thank California for choosing ACTIVE for their large-scale project, and we look forward to our continued partnership for decades to come.

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January 24, 2020
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