Celebrating Chula Vista Parks & Recreation Director With ACTIVE’s Customer Excellence Award

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L to R: Jane Van Sickle (ACTIVE), Kristi McClure, Kevin Jones (ACTIVE)[/caption]ACTIVE Network recently presented the Customer Excellence Award to Kristi McClure, director of Parks & Recreation for the City of Chula Vista. Kristi has spent more than 20 years dedicated to developing city parks and recreation for communities both large and small. As a long-time advocate for parks and recreation, Kristi has been instrumental in helping the team at ACTIVE to develop and refine the tools to make ACTIVE Net more efficient.We share with you some of her experiences as well as advice to help other city parks and recreation leaders:

  1. Use technology to increase the efficiency of your entire department – moving from paper-based to technology-based systems has helped Kristi’s department better manage community programs and facility operations, ultimately helping her department increase its bottom line.
  2. Train your entire staff on one system – Kristi made it a priority to require that each of her 17 employees learn how to make classes and services more available. She also facilitated cross-training to help the entire department run more smoothly.
  3. Use the data to find insights about how to better serve your community – utilization data from ACTIVE Net helped Kristi save a key facility in her community by showing positive usage rates, class enrollment, and data that had previously been unavailable to the city council.

We thank Kristi for allowing us to learn how ACTIVE can further develop and refine tools for community recreation leaders everywhere.

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January 24, 2020
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