Why You Need The City of Calgary Recreation's Thank You Page

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When a customer registers for a program or books a facility online, what happens? Do you thank them? Do you recommend other similar programs or point them to your Facebook page? Don't squander this opportunity to turn a new customer into a loyal one.We covered this idea a few months ago in this article: 3 Critical Web Pages You Are Neglecting. One of the three we covered was the thank you page. To summarize, each web interaction with a customer is a great opportunity for your P&R agency to take the next step. On the thank you page, can you turn that customer into a Facebook fan? Can you point that customer to other similar programs (upsell)? Designing goal-oriented thank you pages should be a part of your marketing strategy.And we now have a template for you to model! Erik Van den Eynden (@ErikVyyc) is the Superintendent of Products and Services Strategies for The City of Calgary Recreation. He's also a customer of ACTIVE and a Twitter friend of mine. Erik and I talk about new ideas for recreation marketing and he pointed me to their new and innovative thank you page. Check it out below (or click here to see it in action):

Calgary has customized the thank you with social media calls to action. Their current goal is to turn a recently registered customer into a Facebook fan or Twitter follower by providing clickable links in a popup box. That way, the customer will see new programs and announcements through social media. This increases their ability to turn that person into a repeat customer.Is your thank you page customized with a logical goal in mind? Comment below if you have questions or other ideas for registration thank you pages.

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January 24, 2020
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