City of Leduc Launches the First Online Event Calendar in Canada

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The City of Leduc and its community partners have launched one online calendar to serve the entire community. The new event website - - pulls in events from multiple sources across the city into one simplistic view. This is the first synchronized technology in Canada that combines events from the city, library, development authority, and chamber of commerce (and more organizations in the future). With the new calendar, citizens and visitors do not have to search through multiple sources to get a view of the day's activities.

ACTIVE Network has been a long-time technology partner to Leduc and our local government software is the engine behind the 1 Calendar project. “Unifying a cities' calendar of events is another way we're trying to help families and citizens have easier access to and awareness of the many activities available to them," said Ram Krishnan, SVP of ACTIVE Network, Communities."This project is a real testimony to the one-community spirit of our calendar partners,” said Leduc Mayor Greg Krischke. “We’re a small city that’s able to execute big ideas like 1 Calendar for the benefit of our citizens and businesses.”This calendar solves five-long standing issues for the city and its community-wide recreation offerings:

  1. Local events are now less likely to be blindly booked on competing dates.
  2. Leduc businesses now have easier access to information to capitalize on major events.
  3. Event organizers no longer have to seek promotional assistance from multiple organizations.
  4. Leduc can now ‘package market’ local events to Edmonton and other external communities.
  5. It will be easier for citizen to access information about upcoming events from one centralized place.

This is an exciting project for the City of Leduc, its citizens and visitors, and us here at ACTIVE Network. In our pursuit to make the world a more active place, the calendar makes it easier for people to find and engage in events and recreation programs around the community.Does your community have a city-wide calendar? To check out Leduc's calendar, click here.

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January 24, 2020
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