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A full day of Zoom calls can be tedious, and having to sit in front of a computer for hours on end in meetings is exhausting. If it’s dreadful as an adult, imagine how tiresome it can be for a child. What’s an educator to do to capture the attention of students and keep them interested in learning? That’s where ACTIVE comes in! We partnered with some of the best in the business to provide exciting projects to help keep kids entertained, learning both on the computer and off.

Watch our informative webinar to learn even more.

Cooking With STEAM

Created by a former teacher of 10 years, I’m The Chef Too breaks down the steps of cooking for kids and incorporates science-based lessons along the way. Kids enjoy the fruits of their labor while also learning about STEAM-based concepts. Through the world of cooking, children can create, invent, design, engineer and question. Their curiosity is encouraged and rewarded with tasty treats for the whole family.

In conjunction with ACTIVE, I’m The Chef Too has a one-week enrichment camp that has five themed activities for each day of the week (three activity cards, three recipes – 5 to 6 hours of STEAM engagement each day).

Shopping list are included for household items needed for activities. Questions are provided for parents to ask their kids throughout each experiment to further engage learning.

Camp Types:

  • Galaxy Donut Kit
  • Explore astronomy by creating galactic donuts and exploring constellations
  • Under the Sea Cake Kits
  • Discover ocean life by learning about animals and plants that call the ocean home
  • Edible Dinosaur Terrarium Kit  
  • Travel back in time to learn about dinosaurs and fossils
  • Erupting Volcanoes Cakes Kit
  • Learn about the Earth’s layers and discover chemical reactions by mixing acids and bases
  • Canvas Cookies and Paint Kit
  • Paint cookies to learn how art and electricity blend together

STEAM Lab Enrichment Kit (week long)

Day 1

  • Galaxy Donuts
  • Erupting Volcano Cakes
  • Exploding Bon Bons

Day 2  

  • Cupcake Geodes
  • Canvas Cookies and Paint
  • Tie Dye Bagels

Day 3  

  • Symmetry Art Pancakes
  • Fraction Pizza
  • Spiral Pie

Day 4

  • Animal Ecosystems Terrariums
  • Marshmallow Pop Tarts
  • Geometric Pretzels

Day 5  

  • Solar Oven S'mores
  • Popover Pops
  • Garden Cakes

To add I'm The Chef Too to your curriculum or program, click here. To watch the webinar click here.

Creating the Right Reaction

Formed by an award-winning scientist, MEL Science offers kits, webinars and amazing apps. The team of medal-winning science Olympiads and PHDs wanted to ignite the same passion for science they have into future generations. As a result, MEL Science was created to encourage a fascination with chemistry and dive deeper into the why behind how science works. Any child can be a scientist, and MEL Science wants to support and inspire excitement for kids and their families.

MEL Science offers a few different options based on your curriculum and needs.

One-Week Camp

  • Nine total experiments
  • Webinars
  • Welcome and exit video conferences
  • Scheduled breaks
  • Additional experiments with the MEL Chemistry app
  • Virtual reality cardboard viewer for smartphone for reality portion of each lesson

Two-Week Camp

  • 14 total experiments
  • Webinars
  • Welcome and exit video conferences
  • Scheduled breaks
  • Additional experiments with the MEL Chemistry app
  • Virtual reality cardboard viewer for smartphone for reality portion of each lesson

To add MEL Science to your curriculum or program, click here.

Gamify the Ordinary

Adventure awaits with Brain Chase! With both online and offline activities, kids will have a blast with gamified learning. Customized for your needs and whitelabeled with your branding, this program contains personalized electives in the form of treasure hunts and escape rooms.

Kids can complete weekly challenges in the electives of your choice, unlock new chapters in the story with new rooms, puzzles and webisodes, and solve the mysteries to escape different rooms or find real buried treasure.

Chose and conquer three subjects each week including:

Life Skills




  • Art with Thorpe Studios
  • Foreign Language with Rosetta Stone
  • Music appreciation
  • Theater
  • Photography


  • Coding with Code Combat
  • Entrepreneurship with Acton
  • Children’s Business Fair
  • Service with MobileServe
  • Escape rooms

To add Brain Chase to your curriculum or program, click here.

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September 28, 2020
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