How Leaders Are Addressing COVID-19 in Local Government

NRPA discusses COVID-19 preparedness with top tier public sector agencies.
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The affect COVID-19 is having within our local communities is significant and historic. Beyond concerns for general health, wellness and economic impact, many public sector organizations are feeling pressure to operate and communicate in a manner that emotes security and proactiveness.

Parks and recreation professionals are the caretakers for many of our nation’s public spaces and are naturally looked to as thought leaders during the management of health and wellness issues. To communicate and prepare effective strategies, many are seeking answers to key questions as they prepare for the upcoming weeks and months.

To help answer some of these questions, the National Recreation and Parks Association (NRPA) was recently joined on the organizations OPENSpace Podcast by three park and recreation leaders from across the country who are actively addressing issues related to the coronavirus:

  1. Jesús Aguirre, Superintendent of Seattle Parks and Recreation and NRPA board member
  2. Brian Zimmerman, CEO of Cleveland Metroparks
  3. Adriane Clutter, Division Chief at Montgomery County Recreation in Maryland

During this NRPA’s OPENSpace episode, panelists discuss:

  • The impact of COVID-19 in each of their communities
  • How they are handling communication to community members and dealing with misinformation and stigma surrounding this disease
  • How they are collaborating with state and local health officials, as well as other nearby park and recreation departments
  • Preparations for the financial implications of COVID-19
  • Actions their agencies are taking to ensure they have proper staff coverage while keeping individuals as safe as possible
  • The importance of creating talking points for staff to ensure everyone is on the same page when communicating with the public

Tune in to the episode below to hear the full conversation on how these three leaders are ensuring their communities stay healthy, well-informed and safe.

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March 17, 2020
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