How Municipalities Optimize Services & Manage Risk with SaaS

Streamline your operation for users by taking full advantage of SaaS applications.
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SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions have been around for quite some time now, but leaders in the private and public sectors have only recently seen the full extent of the perks of cloud-based SaaS. When software is not on its own little island on your computer and is instead interconnected (or tethered, if you will) to an online system, everyone involved will benefit from a competent setup—regularly updated for efficiency and usability.

There are various ways that municipalities may streamline their operation for users (and protect their information) by taking full advantage of SaaS applications--while also benefiting from what they bring to organizations like yours.

Consolidate and Optimize Your Services

Up-to-date SaaS solutions bring with them a multi-faceted approach to areas like registration and booking. Scheduling, for example, is a service that many users may prefer doing over the phone or in person to prevent any timing or calendar errors and to receive confirmation directly from the source that their allotment is reserved.

However, SaaS solutions provide the opportunity for live, online scheduling. Users can easily see when their reservations are made with real-time calendar updates – whether that be scheduling meeting rooms, picking a gym locker or choosing a picnic shelter.

Consequently, when administrative tasks are left to such cloud-based parks and rec software, municipalities stand to benefit by gaining the opportunity to utilize workers in other areas – community engagement, for example, or facility management.

Adaptability and Your SaaS

Perhaps an overlooked area of any SaaS is the adaptability of these programs. Depending on your chosen service, SaaS solutions may enable you to compensate for budget constraints. That is, when change is afoot or there are added responsibilities but without the growth in overhead to assist, government organizations can rely on the SaaS to pick up the slack!

For this, we’ll defer again to the administrative competence of cloud-based software. You shouldn’t, for example, have to spend labor hours on gathering paperwork for analytics and reporting. It’s 2021. Your SaaS should do that for you, and many of them do. With these applications, you’ll gain access to the full picture of user data like classes, childcare, donations and other pertinent matters that help you become a better resource for members of your community.

Regular Updates = Efficiency and Security

Few things are as detrimental to operating a registration-based service like long-winded program updates. When software is cloud-based, users don’t have to spend large chunks of time waiting for a download or installation – only to find out that they’re about to get another update the following week. It may be nice to get the extra thirty minutes for a walk or a cup of coffee, but it certainly doesn’t help you get your job done on time. SaaS applications are updated centrally without negatively impacting the municipality’s operation.

What’s more, regular updates also mean a potentially safer system. When software security is compromised, the user may not receive the patch they need until it’s too late. But with cloud-based software, it’s not up to the user to receive the new patch so threats to the security of an operation are sooner stopped in their tracks. Note also that up-to-date Saas solutions will have 24/7 monitoring and 365 vulnerability and penetration testing to help prevent sensitive information from being compromised.

Intuitive, Stable, Secure – Learn More About ACTIVENet Software

At ACTIVE Network, we pride ourselves in the competence of our parks and rec SaaS. Not only will it enable you to realign your focus for the sake of your community and budget, but we also boast secure payment processes with a Level 1 Payment Processor Certification and a Tier 5 data center for user protection.

The security and efficiency of your operation are important to us. Schedule a personal demo to learn more about how we can help update your process.

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May 10, 2021
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