How Organizations Can Give the Gift of Programs

Make it easy for your participants to receive the gift of experience this holiday season.
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You don’t need to check twice to know that the holidays are approaching. As you’re wrapping up the year and starting to look to 2024, why not wrap a bow around your programs and classes for future participants?

Experiences like summer camp and programs can be expensive for families. Even if they know how meaningful and impactful they are and scholarships exist, the cost of programs can be an expense. This holiday season, think about how you can craft the narrative of giving the gift of your programs. This is a great way to get registration going and bump up the numbers before the year ends. It also adds a nice touchpoint to keep your organization top of mind with participants. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that experience-based gifts are “in” this year.  

No matter who you’re trying to market to, there are many ways to get the word out about a great “gift of programs” opportunity this year. For current families and participants, an email blast, text, or a fun holiday card may do the trick. If you’re looking to reach a wider audience, consider using your social media presence as the holidays approach. A “sponsor a participant” program is a great way to supplement scholarships and reach an audience that’s looking to give back to the community.  

When you’re wrapping up the gift of programs, don’t forget the bow! Presenting these programs in thoughtful and creative ways to help make them more appealing.

Monetary “Bows”

Make the most out of this opportunity by offering an incentive for those who purchase a class or program as a gift during the holiday season. When they give the gift of your programs, it goes beyond the participant. A few ways to do this include:

  • Offering a discount when they purchase or register for your programs. This can be for them as a BOGO incentive or by offering a sale for this holiday deal.
  • Donating a portion of their cost. Knowing they’re making a local difference can drive sales and registrations. This can be for your own participant scholarships or another organization you support.  
  • Including store credit when they buy a program or register during a certain set of holiday dates. Think, “buy one pass of classes, get a $25 gift card for the studio.”  

Gift “Bows”

Let them open up something physical, too! This is a great message to share as well when marketing. When they register, they get a free gift with the purchase. Here are small items that could commemorate or add to the gift of programs with a fun message.

  • Create a personalized certificate for the participant. “We hereby award ___ with ____!”
  • A 2024 calendar with the program dates on it. “No need to mark your calendar, we’ve done it for you!”
  • Socks! A fun play on a “boring” present. “You and [organization name], a perfect pair!”
  • A seasonal accessory like a scarf or gloves. (Again, keeping your organization top of mind throughout the whole year.) “We glove that you’ll be with us soon!” or “Warm wishes this holiday season! We can’t wait to see you!”
  • If you’re not looking to buy additional swag, see if you have any leftover swag from last season that you can part with!  
  • A personalized video to share the news with them! “Hey there! Happy holiday season! We can’t wait to see you!”
  • A themed snow globe. “Soon you’ll be at the coolest place ever!”

If you opt to “sponsor a participant,” be sure to thank your donors for the change they’re making in someone’s life! A thank you call or their own gear goes a long way.  

This is a great time to find a way to make the holidays special for your community! By offering the gift of programs, you can boost registration numbers while keeping your organization top of mind. Be sure to offer a fun and warm incentive to this opportunity and share it through all your platforms!

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November 29, 2023
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