How Program Management Software Delivers Excellent Customer Service to Parents and Participants

Discover how your organization can leverage management software to meet the digitally enhanced customer experience that your participants have come to expect.
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As digital solutions continue to transform our world, camps and organizations will need to leverage technology to meet the demand of their customers or risk falling behind. This is especially true given how the COVID-19 pandemic changed how we operate within our community. Camps and sports facilities are returning to full capacity in this new digitally powered environment and are beginning to see how management software can deliver accurate and reliable solutions that can transform customer service for parents and participants.  

Discover how your organization or camp can leverage management software to meet the digitally enhanced customer experience that your participants have come to expect.  

It’s Fast and Convenient for Everyone  

When camp directors and organizers leverage digital solutions like management software to help with online registration, it’s not just staff that benefits from streamlined processes. Your participants and parents can register from anywhere and at any time, even from their mobile phones. According to a recent study, as of January 2022 over 55% of all web traffic comes from mobile devices. Management software with online mobile-friendly registration tools is important when it comes to making a good first impression with your customers. By meeting them where they are — on their phones — you’re making what was once a complicated and process-heavy task into a quick and convenient experience for everyone involved.  

It’s Secure  

Parents and participants expect their online payment information, personal details and other sensitive data to be completely secure and protected. Organizers can meet these expectations by investing in online management software with industry-leading compliance and security standards. With the right tools, you can provide safe and secure digital features like online registration and payments, form tracking and communication across your programs and organizations, benefitting parents, participants and staff.  

It’s a One-Stop Experience for Parents and Participants

Imagine an online solution that allows families, participants and staff to make important changes to their profiles, fill out online forms and sign waivers — all in one place. Self-service portals offered by online management software deliver these features, as well as allow parents and participants the flexibility to register multiple people for different camp or program sessions. Digitizing a customer’s experience through self-service portals allows you to eliminate the bottlenecks created by tedious paper-dependent processes. Plus, it enables you to provide excellent customer service at every point in the camp or program journey.  

It Streamlines Communication  

First impressions are essential when providing good customer service; a customer might define their entire experience in that first moment of communication. Effectively communicating creates a positive impact on customers and ensures they will return to your camps and programs year after year. In our digital-first world, customer communication happens across a variety of channels. Further, it’s essential for camp and program directors to have the ability to alert parents and participants of COVID-19 exposure, weather-related cancellation or emergencies. Management software can help you share important program information through email, text and social media. Organizations and camps need software to get the word out and solidify a good impression with current and potential customers.  

It Drives Community Services and Helps Develop Better Programming  

Camps and organizers play an important role in their communities, and those that integrate management software solutions are better equipped to identify where they can have the greatest impact. Management software can help camp and program organizers better serve their communities and customers by offering programming that reflects their wants and needs. With the right technology in place, directors can look at the collected data and identify where and how programming can be adjusted so that their members leave happy and return happy.  

ACTIVEWorks Camp & Class Manager Meet All Your Management Software Needs  

Management software tools like ACTIVEWorks Camp & Class Manager have everything you need to meet your customers’ expectations and provide excellent customer service at all times. At ACTIVE, we help camps and organizations across the country stay top of mind with streamlined communication solutions. We help them grow year over year with mobile-friendly online registration and multiple payment options. Whether your program or camp needs to streamline tedious paper form collection or build customized lists of participants, our experts are here to help. Once we learn more about your camp or program, we can connect you with a software specialist to find the right fit for you and your community.

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August 8, 2022
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