How to Seamlessly Manage Crowds at Your Next Holiday Event

Digital solutions for event management can help streamline the registration process and manage the influx of holiday participants to the delight of event organizers and attendees alike.
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During the holiday season, we all come together to enjoy the festive spirit and build community. As program directors and organizers, you understand the importance of these events. You also understand how stressful they can be without the right tools to help support these once-a-year traditions.  

The days of celebrating the season with on-site ticket sales, low visibility into attendance numbers and unreliable communication methods are over. Digital solutions for event management can help streamline the registration process and manage the influx of holiday participants to the delight of event organizers and attendees alike.

Digital solutions allow event managers and program directors greater insight into their events from the planning stages through the time doors officially open. Make this year’s festivities your best yet by leveraging tools like online event registration, waitlist management and open communication channels.

Require Online Registration

It’s impossible to deliver a safe and successful event experience for your community if you don’t know what to expect. Online registration fills the expectation gap. When community members can easily complete registration using their chosen platform on their own time, it minimizes friction and eliminates extra work for your team. An effective online registration process eases the way for event attendees while giving your team instant access to reporting metrics. With access to data like number of registrations, you know what to expect and can adjust your on-site strategy to accommodate crowds before they arrive. With the right technology in place, directors can look at the collected data and identify where and how their events for the next holiday season can be adjusted.  

Manage Ticket Sales

Instead of relying on past attendance or guesswork to determine the size and popularity of your event, digital solutions give you an accurate picture of attendance that you can plan for in advance. Monitoring registrations as they come in gives your team the ability to limit capacity during times where overcrowding is possible, as well as to buy exactly what you need for the number of attendees you expect. Setting limits on ticket sales lets you control the number of attendees at your event at any given time and has the added benefit of creating a sense of urgency that will increase ticket sales. With waitlist management capabilities, you don’t even need to close registration. Instead, you can easily manage attendance and notify interested parties when and if there is available space.

Share Updates with Attendees

Online registration has the added benefit of giving event organizers access to attendee contact information. Create custom lists with registrants’ email addresses and phone numbers to share important messages and updates with your attendees before, during and after the event. Opening lanes of communication makes it easy to alert attendees of what they should expect during the event, as well as any safety hazards, closures or unexpected circumstances. While winter is a great backdrop for holiday events, snow shouldn’t get in the way of your cheer. Use contact lists to keep attendees updated on any weather issues, venue updates or surprises that may arise.

ACTIVENet Meets Your Event Management Software Needs

Management software tools like ACTIVENet have the features you need to drive interest, enable easy registration and manage crowds at your upcoming holiday events. At ACTIVE, we help cities, YMCAs and parks and recreation departments across the country safely facilitate events with streamlined digital solutions that give you more insights and control than ever before. We help them grow year over year by offering the tools to easily engage with their communities and offer on-demand access to events, programs, activities, classes and more. Whether your program needs to streamline the registration process or build customized lists of participants, our experts are here to help. Once we learn more about your program, we can connect you with a software specialist to find the right fit for you and your communities.

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October 20, 2022
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