What to Look Out for When Evaluating Your Registration Process

Is your current registration platform doing everything you need it to and more?
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As a leader within your organization, you may have to periodically review the registration platform you use. It’s quite possible that you use multiple platforms for a variety of functions, such as communication or selling merchandise and supplies for your programs, classes, camps and events.  

Did you know that you could consolidate all of those into one easy-to-use platform? No need to use multiple vendors for multiple solutions when you can have it all within one platform while saving time and money, giving you the ability to focus more on your participants and members.  

Before you start searching for a new registration platform that has it all, you should first determine what your needs are and if the platforms you research meet them. Read on to discover if your current platform meets your needs and what kinds of things you should expect from a registration platform that will set your organization up for success.

Is Your Registration Platform Mobile-Friendly?

In a world where everyone has a smartphone and is constantly on the move, having a mobile-friendly registration platform is necessary. Gone are the days of registering in person and on pen and paper. So why not have a registration platform that can do that and then some? Make it as easy as possible for participants and members to register for all your offerings. The easier it is, the more likely they are to register and the more likely you are to fill your programs, classes, camps and events with ease.  

Does Your Registration Platform Offer the Ability to Add Custom Forms and Waivers?  

Of course, your participants will need to fill out forms and sign relevant waivers for your programs, classes, camps and events. It’s a given. Not just for legal reasons, but also because you want to be able to be as accommodating to your participants as possible. The more comfortable and safer they feel, the more likely they are to have an enjoyable experience that makes them want to return repeatedly.

When it comes to forms and waivers, you want to have a registration platform that offers the ability to customize them any way you see fit for your organization’s needs. Whether it’s specific forms to indicate allergies or medical needs or waivers for physical or potentially dangerous activities, you need a registration platform that allows you to customize them any time you need to.

Is Your Registration Platform Able to Add Additional Streams of Revenue?

Promote your organization and offer branded merchandise that gets your name out there! It’s possible that you already sell branded merch, but does your current registration platform offer the ability to include purchases, or necessary supplies for programs, directly in the registration flow?  

Make it easy for your people to get everything they need for your programs, classes, camps and events right from the start by offering merchandise and supplies during registration. Remember, the easier you make it for your participants, the more likely they are to register and attend.

Can Your Participants Share That They’ve Registered via Social Media?

People love to share where they are and what they’re doing on social media, but by the time they’re at an event or class, it’s too late for anyone else to join them in the fun. By utilizing a registration platform that gives participants the ability to share that they plan to attend your programs, classes, camps and events on their social media channels, you’re being proactive and potentially getting more people to participate.  

Can Your Registration Platform Send, Segment and Automate Emails? What About SMS?

It’s likely that you are sending out marketing emails to prospects, as well as utilizing email for communication to your current participants and members. But does your registration platform offer this ability? Does it include the ability to segment and automate emails? If the answer is no, it might be time to look for a new registration platform that can do all that and then some—including send text messages with updates and promotions.  

ACTIVE’s Suite of Best-In-Class Products Meets All Your Registration Needs  

ACTIVE has been in the registration game for over 20 years and has everything organizations need to be successful. Not only does its registration platform for camps, events, classes, YMCAs and parks and recreation departments offer top-of-the-line registration capabilities, it also is mobile-friendly and has helpful email and SMS tools to help you utilize participants to word out about what your organization offers, as well as the ability to include merchandise as an additional revenue stream right in the registration process and the ability to add custom forms and waivers.

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Jessica Harp
Marketing Specialist, B2B
June 9, 2022
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