How To Take Your Athletics Department To The Next Level

Upgrade your university's athletic department with all-in-one compliance software.
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You have the right staff, the best student athletes and great equipment. But is your current system doing what you need it to do to ensure your staff, athletes and even your equipment are taken care of?

Your university’s athletic compliance software should feature easy-to-use tools for recruiting, reporting, team management and communications. It should help you stay ahead of the competition by being organized and ready for whatever comes your way. Your system should make things easier on everyone and take your university to the next level with dedicated features that include all-in-one solutions for every aspect of your athletics department.

Have a System That Ensures NCAA Compliance

Save time and man hours better used for coaching by utilizing athletic compliance software that does just that. Have complete institutional control with automated reports of recruiting activities by coaches and staff and with submitting and approving CARA logs—all critically important for establishing NCAA compliance.

Protect your university with athletic compliance software that includes a comprehensive and flexible workflow system and ad-hoc reporting fully stocked with several compliance reports. Your university’s system should also include unified student-athlete rosters that your staff can easily update with information, set up playing seasons and manage travel rosters and itineraries when out on the road.

Your university’s software should be able to track eligibility and financial aid, as well as set up aid sources and assign financial aid to each individual athlete—all while maintaining NCAA compliance.

Have a System With the Ultimate Coach Solution

The head coach (or any staff member) shouldn’t need spend an exorbitant amount of time fumbling around with paperwork or dashing to the office to search for files on a computer. Upgrading your university’s athletic department with compliance software that allows all staff to have what they need on-the-go is just what you need to take your athletic department to the next level. All your staff needs is a smartphone or a tablet and an internet connection, and you’ll be set up for success right at your fingertips.

Need more reasons to upgrade your compliance software? It’ll provide an all-in-one solution to coaching staff for film logging. Coaches and staff can easily upload and access recordings of games, practices and potential recruits, all in the same software solution. It makes each staff member’s job that much easier if they can readily access footage for strategy and recruiting purposes. No more having to search manually; coaches can simply have access via any smart device with an internet connection.

Have a System That Manages Equipment Efficiently

Keep a clear record of your equipment inventory that will help you effectively manage your investment. Upgrade your system with an all-in-one software that helps you and your staff effortlessly view all athletic equipment within your department or university. Easily view reports of your university’s full equipment inventory, specific items or an athlete equipment history and individual sizing. Quickly and efficiently assign equipment to each of your athletes, which updates in real time so there is no confusion.

Have a System That Engages Fans, Alumni and Recruits

Effortlessly reach out to your alumni, fans and recruits with appealing, templated emails that can be easily branded and customized with your university’s logo and colors. You can do just that with great athletic compliance software that includes this feature. Along with enticing emails, your university’s system should also be able to easily allow you to create custom websites and easy-to-use registration pages that don’t require prior coding knowledge to build.

Change the game with ACTIVE’s athletic compliance software. JumpForward has everything you need to increase efficiency within your athletic department. Join the ranks of Southern Methodist University, University of Texas and Notre Dame, and sign up for personal demo of JumpForward today.

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Jessica Harp
Marketing Specialist, B2B
October 21, 2020
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