How Panorama Recreation Center Increased Online Registrations by 20%

How ACTIVE helped Panorama Recreation Center increase online registrations.
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The Panorama Recreation Center in British Columbia, Canada has been facing issues that may sound familiar. "We're growing but we're operating with fewer resources," said Lisa Sneek, Marketing Coordinator for Panorama Recreation. "For example, we recently enhanced our aquatics center, which is great, but we haven't increased our program and management staff."With the lack of resources and staff, Panorama has put an emphasis on increasing online registrations to save time on processing. In order to reach that goal, Panorama started to work with the online services team and eMarketing Center at Active Network, Communities. The free service helped Panorama:

  • Update the website to make it more user-friendly and efficient with new navigation and call to action buttons
  • Use free email marketing and advertising templates to send professional messages
  • Read articles about marketing tips and trends

The Results

As a one-person marketing team, Lisa has used the online services team to increase online registrations year over year: "In 2009, we had about 3,700 total online registrations. In 2010 we increased that number by 20% and we increased our 2011 online registrations by 20% again. What really helped us this past year was optimizing the website with the help of Active's online services team and allowing people to create online accounts. Our members really liked that and it's helped boost the usage of online registration." If you're already an Active customer, you can start using this free service for your organization. Email the team to get started.

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January 24, 2020
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