Top 5 Reasons to Join 'Recreation Management and Technology' on LinkedIn

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Recreation professional: we want you. If you are on LinkedIn, we'd love to have you as a member of the "Recreation Management and Technology" group on LinkedIn. Why you may ask? Here are five reasons to join:1. Get free resources: Members of the group post discussions about recreation tips and trends. If you join the group, you can set up email notifications to receive those updates and view the ones that appeal to you.2. Ask questions: Wondering how other recreation professionals are doing things? Post a question about marketing, technology, or management in order to receive ideas and answers from others.3. Show your expertise: On the flipside of #2, you can demonstrate your knowledge when other people have questions. Take these opportunities to show off some ideas you've implemented at your organization.4, Become a 'Top Influencer': Members of the group who post the most popular discussions and interact the most get listed as a top influencer for the week. This increases your visibility within the industry.5. Network with 400+ recreation professionals: Most of all, we want to create a big community of like-minded professionals. We currently have over 400 members who are listed under recreation services, government administration, health and wellness, and a few other fields. Join this group to digitally meet hundreds of similar professionals.Click here to join the LinkedIn group.

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January 24, 2020
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