JumpForward Team Attends AFCA 2020

ACTIVE's JumpForward team meet with coaches from across the nation at AFCA 2020.
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The JumpForward team recently attended the annual AFCA (American Football Coaches Association) convention in Nashville, TN. This convention is a convergence of more than 6,000 coaches from all over the country. We had the pleasure of meeting and interacting with coaches who each presented a wide range of competitive backgrounds, networking, collaborating and learning from each other. The energy and camaraderie were palpable.

The association did a fantastic job of providing over 30,000 square feet of vendor space for coaches to view and experience new products, ranging from innovative helmets to help minimize concussion risks to performance and department infrastructure technology.

In a day and age where technology is ever-changing, it's challenging for coaches to know what is new to the market and how it can positively impact their programs, to enhance communication with and among athletes and to ultimately build a stronger more successful program. The main objective for any coach is to win championships, but we know they cannot do it alone. Not only is success defined by a team of elite athletes and staff of committed coaches, but also dedicated strategic partners, like JumpForward.

Our JumpForward software helps to ensure collegiate athletic departments successfully meet NCAA requirements. Through an array of features such as Recruitment Management, Activity Calendar, Forms, Camps, and mobile applications–JumpForward streamlines rigorous recruiting and compliance activities. JumpForward allows coaches to focus on their players and the game, by eliminating extra hours spent in front of a screen.  

From the University of Kentucky, Heather McAtee, assistant athletic director for Academics and Eligibility says, “We have been using JumpForward since 2008. It has brought the proactive aspect to monitoring phone calls, text messages and emails that our athletic department wanted and needed. More importantly, JumpForward’s compliance toolbox has helped us streamline our entire student athlete form process. JumpForward understands the needs of a compliance staff and has created an end-to-end compliance solution that makes our job easier.”

It is our responsibility, as a partner in intercollegiate athletics, to provide the highest level of continuing education for coaches and their peers, not only about JumpForward’s product and services, but also about the latest trends and innovations in technology, data privacy and security, and athlete information. JumpForward is much more than just a software program, which is why we see ourselves as trusted consultants in university athletics.

If you missed ACTIVE at AFCA, please head to click here to learn more about JumpForward.

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Mandy Dawson
ACTIVE Network Director of Sales
March 16, 2020
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