Jumpstart Recruiting Efforts with ACTIVE’s Latest Feature: Evaluation Pipeline

Meet JumpForward's newest feature designed to propel your current recruiting efforts.
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Anyone involved in the athletics and sports arena knows that the game never truly ends. It is a continuous cycle of putting practice into play and hoping your next performance is better than the last. What’s one way to work towards a better game? Top recruits. 

How JumpForward Can Help

JumpForward has been helping athletic departments and coaches everywhere ensure they have the right tools for a seamless recruiting experience. Your department can monitor, manage, customize and track data in realtime – allowing you keep your head in the game and on the field or in the stands. Now, JumpForward has a new feature designed to propel your current recruiting efforts: Evaluation Pipeline.

Save Time with Evaluation Pipeline

Evaluation Pipeline is a brand-new feature that works to save time, eliminate paper forms, and reduce coach admin by:

  • Enabling coaching staff to complete and review evaluations on the go with mobile-friendly online forms
  • Simplifying tasks assignment and communication through workflow automation 
  • Viewing open evaluation tasks assigned to you from one place
  • And more!

Fill Out Forms On-The-Go

With mobile-responsive forms, you and your coaches can now complete forms on-the-go, from any available device. No longer will coaches have to wait until they return to the office to complete or review an evaluation. To make form completion even faster, information from prospect profiles in JumpForward will automatically be populated into each form.

Run Your Processes Smoothly with Workflow Automation

Stay on top of things with help from the workflow automation feature. Quickly create your evaluation process using the workflow designer, and let our tool automate the rest. Once each step in your evaluation process is completed, notifications will be sent out to the next person in line, so each task is completed without confusion. 

Keep Evaluations in One Easily Accessible Place

Lastly, your coaching staff now has access to a central evaluation inbox. The evaluation inbox acts as a single place where coaches can review all the evaluation tasks they are assigned to them. 

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May 13, 2021
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