Mobile First Message at Recent BRAND-AID Conference

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ACTIVE's mobile guru, Courtney Ferguson, shares her recent presentation at BRAND-AID and why the rapper, Eminem, could teach us a thing or two about delighting customers through mobile. More iPhones were sold than babies born per day in the US last year, mobile design expert, Luke Wroblewski, said recently.As I talked about this stat and how incredibly fast mobile technology is growing at a recent BRAND-AID presentation, I could tell that many walked away a little shell-shocked.Organized by the cities of Grand Prairie, Arlington, and Grapevine, more than 100 Park and Recreation Departments from across the state of Texas recently came together to learn more about the latest trends in social media, marketing and mobile.I spoke about how we now live in a “mobile first” world. Apps and websites must be designed and tailor-fitted with experiences optimized for these 80% smaller, mobile screens from day one. Not only do the experiences need to fit the device you’re using, but your data, service and content needs to be optimized as well.We also live in an era of multiple devices. For instance, I’m constantly switching between my two computers, my phone or my tablet. Today, when I move from device to device, I have to start over, whether it’s retyping a recent Google search or finding that New York Times article I was halfway through reading. Every mobile product must give the user a seamless experience, no matter the device.At ACTIVE, we take a mobile first approach to our product and platform development. In our Communities market, for instance, we’re developing a customizable web platform that is optimized for mobile.With mobile, we can offer better access to activities…anywhere.It's just like what rapper, Eminem, said, “you only get one shot,” to meet the expectations of your customers. If expectations are not met the first time he/she interacts with your product, they are less likely to come back.Mobile first.

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January 24, 2020
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