Mobile Technology Dials in Another Win at BlackBerry

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Blackberry Live

Cristina Simoes, Sr Manager, Conference & Events Management at BlackBerry, has the inside scoop on technology that will mobilize your badging process… literally. BlackBerry Live introduced the new mobile badge with RFID technology from ACTIVE Network earlier this year.

“We need to try new things and take chances,” said Simoes, at the ACTIVE Network Enterprise Meetings and Events Summit in San Francisco, CA. Simoes wowed attendees at the event with a live demo of the progressive mobile event technology that delivered:

  • Mobile badges
  • Lead retrieval
  • Session Scanning

BlackBerry Live’s goal is to “make it the most mobile conference ever.” With the exciting deployment of this mobile technology, they removed the need for additional equipment.  The mobile badge turns the smartphone into a scanner where sponsors can simply tap the attendee BlackBerry smartphone to obtain contact information. Download the BlackBerry Live case study or watch the video for more details!

How would you use mobile badges with NFC technology to enhance the attendee experience at your events?

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January 24, 2020
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