5 Blogs Parks & Recreation Professionals Should Follow

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If you're reading this article, you probably work in parks and/or recreation. Whether you're a veteran Director, a brand-new Administrator or anywhere in between, you most likely share one common goal: to serve at your best. And one way to continually better yourself is to keep up with industry trends, tips, and resources by reading (or skimming if need be) relevant blogs.Here are five blogs that can help you, the parks and recreation pro, stay on top of your craft:1. NRPA Now - You know about all of the great resources provided by NRPA. The blog specifically is a good one to subscribe to because it provides summaries of the most recent Parks & Recreation Magazine edition and covers up-to-date topics on a weekly basis.2. Professional Recreation - Greg Bruggerman started this blog about leadership and service for the parks and recreation professional. From his bio, Greg mentions that he started in P&R as a 15-year-old lifeguard and currently works for the City of Elgin. On the blog, Greg combines statistics, stories, research and more into well-written articles.3. Little Red's Big Ideas - I'll guarantee one thing: You either know Jodi Rudick, have met her, or have heard of her somewhere on the web. Jodi is the 'Parks Make Life Better!" Brand Manager for CPRS (California Parks and Recreation Society), President of the ADvisors Marketing Group, and founder of a Linkedin group you're probably a part of. On her blog, you'll find marketing tips for parks, recreation, camps, and more.(We covered this blog in another resource article for parks and recreation trends.)4. Recreation Pros - Curt 'Moose' Jackson is a community recreation and summer camp professional, as well as the founder of a few helpful blogs. Curt also wrote two guest blogs posts here about unique adult programs to offer. On the Recreation Pros blog, you'll find job listings as well as helpful resources for summer camps and recreation.5. Parks & Recreation Social Media - Josh Panzer started this blog less than a year ago as a social media resource for recreation professionals. Although the blog only has a few posts, more are likely on the way. On top of that, the blog is mostly video-based, giving you another way to digest information and tips.And last but not least, continue reading our blog for parks and recreation resources (here is our parks & recreation tag). Our goal is to make this more of a two-way discussion, so if you have any suggestions for topics or would like to cover your own ideas on our blog, please reach out in the comments below or on Twitter.

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January 24, 2020
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