37 Parks & Recreation Goals to Keep in Mind

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No matter what field you are in, sometimes your job simply gets in the way of your job. All of the day-to-day tasks or paperwork can blind you from your ultimate goals or mission. It’s the same at a parks and recreation agency. Managing programs, parks, facilities, memberships, child care programs and a lot more takes a ton of time and effort. We work with hundreds of P&R organizations who deal with this balance every day – managing the day-to-day while keeping the mission in mind.

Today is a refresher. For this post, we’ve compiled 37 real goals from tons of parks and recreation agencies across North America (some may sound very familiar). Take a look, incorporate some at your organization, and most of all, make sure you’re not letting your job…get in the way of your job:


1. Preserve, protect, maintain, improve, and enhance natural resources, parkland, and recreational opportunities

2. Anticipate the needs of the changing community and structure programs and facilities accordingly

3. Enhance the city’s arts, cultural and historic assets

4. Serve an aging population with social, recreational, active and healthy opportunities

5. Enrich the lives of residents

6. Build a healthier community

7. Provide efficient services to residents regardless of income, background, and ability

8. Encourage volunteerism

9. Utilize financial resources efficiently and equitably

10. Become a recognized leader in the community, state and nation in park and recreation management

11. Strengthen community image and sense of place

12. Maximize financial efficiency and ensure contractual compliance

13. Make the city a major visitor destination

14. Continue to expand the level of public information and involvement in parks and recreation

15. Improve inter-agency cooperation with neighboring communities

16. Use capital to renew aging infrastructure

17. Leverage partnerships that produce new parks and facilities that are forward-thinking and world class

18. Enhance health and wellness of our patrons through innovative and diversified parks, arts, recreation, leisure and cultural opportunities

19. Provide opportunities for relaxation, learning and socialization to promote personal growth  and well being

20. Plan and organize, and whenever possible, to encourage family participation

21. Make the city a better place to live, work and play

22. Promote positive customer service

23. Be an employer of choice

24. Create positive childhood experiences

25. Transition pavement to parks whenever possible


26. Apply safe design principles in order to make neighborhood parks safer and to increase citizen usage

27. Provide walking, biking, running and other activities with trails, paths, and bikeways

28. Bring children and families into our parks and give them great reasons to stay and play for a lifetime

29. Balance nature and man-made environments in town


30. Increase facility usage

31. Continually strive to improve existing facilities while seeking opportunities for future development

32. Acquire appropriate land to expand existing park facilities and services


33. Increase participation in programs and recreation opportunities

34. Develop programs, tournaments and leagues for families, kids, ladies, men, seniors, and more

35. Teach, learn, and develop skills, abilities and talents for residents of all ages

36. Meet recreational needs with maximum effectiveness and with minimum expense

37. Effectively promote and publicize area recreational programs and events

What goals are we missing? Tweet at us or comment below to share some of your organization’s goals.

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January 24, 2020
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