Photo-Sharing App Provides Parent Engagement and Revenue Opportunity for Camps

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ACTIVE Network is partnering with Bunk 1, a photo-sharing app with facial recognition technology, to provide camps an impactful way to engage parents and drive revenue.

The Bunk 1 process is easy and mobile-friendly. Parents simply upload a photo of their child during program registration to enable Bunk 1’s facial recognition capabilities. During camp programs, the intuitive software scans each photo uploaded by the program and alerts parents through the mobile app when a picture of their child is identified.Parents can tag photos, mark “favorites” and share selected photos on their social media profiles. Camp programs have the options to add watermarks and hashtags to photos, building their organic marketing presence each time a parent shares a photo of their child.The payment structure is simple: parents are charged a flat rate per child during program enrollment if they opt into the service, and a portion of that revenue goes directly to the camp. For additional revenue opportunities, camps can offer customized merchandise like phone cases, mugs, calendars, prints and more featuring photos selected by parents. Organizations can see thousands of dollars per year in additional revenue.ACTIVE Network’s partnership with Bunk 1 gives ACTIVE Camp & Class Manager organizations complimentary access to the premium software, saving them the standard $1,200 annual fee.

Thanks to an integration process that is a breeze, Bunk 1 can be set up in as little as two days. This easy-to-use technology provides phone and email support seven days a week and marketing materials to share with parents that explains what Bunk 1 is and how it works.Bunk 1 is the only mobile photo-sharing app that allows camp programs to interact with parents in such an impactful way. It helps differentiate organizations from competitors and facilitates strong connections between camp programs and customers.Don’t wait! Contact your ACTIVE Account Manager today and click here to learn more.

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January 24, 2020
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