State of the YMCA Industry: Post-NAYDO 2013

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We're smack dab in the middle of two big YMCA events - NAYDO 2013 Conference back in April and General Assembly coming up in July. So as we travel mentally and physically from Vancouver to Philadelphia, let's take a look back at some trends and happenings from NAYDO:

Top Trends for YMCAs in 2013

1. How mobile can help YMCAs engage their members - About 80% (informal poll) of the YMCAs we spoke to at NAYDO are focusing on providing their members with some sort of mobile app or mobile site. These organizations are focusing on providing mobile access to programs, particularly group fitness classes. Download a free ePaper about mobile.2. Understanding donor history and needs - YMCAs want data on their donors and easier access to it. They want to be able to look at donation history and target emails to the individual rather than spray messages to a huge list.3. Simplifying day-to-day admin tasks - Lots of administrators were wondering how they can make their day-to-day tasks easier with technology. Whereas in past years this discussion centered on 'doing more with less', this year was more about automating tasks that could free up valuable time.4. New programs and member trends - YMCAs are looking for ways to stay on top of exercise trends and classes like Zumba and hot yoga.Read about 40 unconventional adult recreation programs to offer.5. Improving capital campaigns - This was a hot topic at NAYDO. YMCAs are looking for better ways to improve their capital campaigns to reach their goals more efficiently.

Winner of Our $500 Giveaway

Donielle Griffin won the award on behalf of the YMCA of Metropolitan Washington. This is what she had to say about receiving the prize:"With the sequestration hitting our area hard, we have many affected families. Parents are losing their jobs, so children are unable to go to camp. The $500 will help to send two children to a day camp for a week. Camp is such a great time in a child’s life. To miss that opportunity would be such a shame, especially when just a $250 donation can make the world of difference."

YMCAs Moving to the Cloud

We want to welcome a number of YMCAs to the ACTIVE Network family. In 2013, a number of YMCAs have switched to ACTIVE's web-hosted software for YMCAs including:

We're happy to be helping these Ys for years to come. However, we mention this because it speaks to a changing dynamic for all YMCAs. These organizations have chosen ACTIVE Net because of its ability to enhance member engagement, improve access for members and staff, and lower IT costs/maintenance.Learn more about ACTIVE Net.Download a datasheet about our software for YMCAs.

Looking Forward to General Assembly

Will you be attending General Assembly in Philadelphia in mid-July? Be sure to stop by booth #834! We hope to see you there.

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January 24, 2020
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