Should I Use Multiple Agencies for My Digital Marketing?

The reasons you should only use one agency to handle your digital marketing efforts.
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When it comes to digital marketing, it’s tempting to cast your net wide with the hope that working with more than one marketing agency on more than one campaign will help spread your message faster and to a larger audience. But that kind of marketing strategy can backfire, causing your company more harm than good in the long run. Here’s why it’s a good idea to stick to one great agency for your digital marketing campaigns. 

Your campaigns could end up competing with one another.

Consumers are bombarded with marketing messages these days—they scroll across the TV, pop up on social media and blare from the radio. In a crowded market, your company’s marketing has to be eye-catching, persuasive and strike the right tone in order to capture the attention of potential customers. 

When you work with more than one agency, you run the risk of competing with your own company for ad time. Don’t do yourself a disservice by running multiple marketing campaigns about the same product/service to the same audience on the same platform. Having multiple campaigns about the same product/service will also run up the ad cost and the cost per acquisition (CPA), which in turn cause you to lose more money. Involving more than one agency would complicate and muddle the process, which could almost assuredly create overlap, thus driving up the cost of a campaign even more.

You’ll have to manage multiple contracts.

Working with an agency to craft an effective digital marketing campaign is a lot of work. You’ve got meetings and deadlines, not to mention the work of bidding the project and vetting the agency in the first place.

Now take all of that effort and double it, because you’ll do twice the work when you sign on with more than one agency—and that ends up being a massive time suck.  

You’ll save money.

There’s no two ways about it, working with one marketing agency is cheaper than working with two. If you want to get the best bang for your buck, pick the agency that is best for you and run your campaigns through them.

It’s harder to execute a marketing master plan.

When you’ve got more than one marketing agency working on your digital marketing plan it’s impossible to generate an effective master plan that evolves over time. In order to reach your goals and fine-tune your message, you should work with a single agency that can help you strategize and execute your plan.

Consistency is key to success.

On the same note, you want your voice and your brand to be strong and consistent across all marketing channels. If you use more than one agency you risk muddying the waters. Keep a consistent and centralized message by choosing one agency to handle all of your marketing campaigns.   

Communication is streamlined.

On your average day at work, you’re probably juggling text messages, phone calls and emails from co-workers and clients. It can be a lot to keep up with. When you work with just one agency, you don’t have to worry about getting your wires crossed or sending mixed messages to different teams.

Likewise, if it’s necessary for you to switch marketing strategies on a whim (because a major shift is necessary for an unexpected reasons like, say, a pandemic), it’s much easier to communicate your goals to a single project manager, instead of having to reach out to multiple points of contact.

Invest in relationships.

In business and in life, building strong relationships is key to success. Working with just one agency gives you the time and energy to focus on building relationships with your marketing team. Over time, this committed relationship will help your agency deeply understand your company ethos. Your agency will become an expert in you and they’ll have the history and experience to know which campaigns have worked best for your company, allowing you to set goals and draft the most effective marketing campaigns in the future.

Looking for a digital marketing agency to meet your needs? ACTIVE has an effective digital marketing team with experience in driving awareness and conversions on most digital marketing platforms. Contact your account manager to learn how ACTIVE can help you.

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August 14, 2020
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