Support Strong Communities With Digital Tools

Create a better government office that supports your community via helpful digital tools.
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Digital tools have become a necessity for local governments. In recent years, and accelerated by the pandemic, the transition to using digital platforms to meet citizens’ needs has become front and center. According to the Center for Digital Government (CDG), almost 80% of offices have at the very least considered, if not took, steps to implement digital transformations.

Some of these solutions are as straightforward as moving to a cloud-based platform. Others require digital overhauls, such as creating a way to host interactive conversations. For example, if a local government sends event information, residents should have a means of interacting and asking questions. 

Engagement is key to increasing government trust and transparency. The same CDG survey found that half of all agencies implementing new digital access for citizens during the pandemic increased engagement. 

However, local leaders need to proceed with caution to avoid common pitfalls in implementing digital platforms.

Read, Finding the Right Engagement Platform for strategic steps to creating a better government office that will support strong communities.

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September 27, 2021
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